5 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best Travel Companions

More reasons why dogs will always be a person’s best friend

By Mathew S. Chan
February 02, 2016


The people you travel with will have a huge impact on whether or not your trip will be a success or enjoyable. A lot of times, many of us are picky with who we travel with. Though traveling solo is just fine, there are times when we want to travel with someone whom to share the memories and experiences with. If you are having a difficulty in finding a travel companion, why not travel with your dog? We think it’s a cool idea. In fact, here are 5 reasons why dogs make great travel companions.

1. For the most part, they are well-behaved.
Depending on how much or how little training your dog has, they are most likely to be very well behaved during the trip. You don’t have to worry about having a moody or chatty travel companion and you can have a peaceful trip all throughout. Just pat your dog or give him a belly rub from time to time so that he can relax as well.

2. On road trips, you won’t have to fight him over the playlist.
Music plays an important role in traveling because it can really set the mood and help pass the time. With other people, war could break out any moment with who has control over the music you will be listening to for the next couple of hours. If you are traveling with your dog, we’re assuming he’s already accustomed to your playlists. Unless he prefers a little Bach every now and then, the music is in your hands and your hands alone.

3. Picking where to eat is not a problem.
Depending if the restaurant is pet-friendly or not, your dog will obviously not complain or put up a fight on where you guys will eat or what food he gets. You can snack and dine in the places you want to. If your dog is not allowed, you can get a doggy (no pun intended) bag for him, which he will most likely enjoy. Gone are the days of the struggle to decide where you want to eat.

4. They provide you comfort and are great listeners.
Not all days are going to be good when you travel and sometimes, you can feel frustrated and sad. It can be a struggle to find comfort and someone to talk to if your travel companions aren’t really empathic. With a dog, you won’t have this problem because he loves you genuinely and purely, and a hug from him is just pure bliss. A dog will listen to all your problems and frustrations with no complaints.

5. Your dog will never judge your traveling choices.
This is probably the most important reason why dogs make the best travel companions—they will never judge your choices. You won’t have to be conscious of your decisions and you can do and decide anything you want without worrying about what the other person might feel. Your dog will go and travel with you no matter what because it’s not about the destination for him; it’s about the time he spends with you.