5 Sacred Sites to Visit in Antipolo

Go on a sacred pilgrimage in this beautiful city in Rizal.

By Mathew S. Chan
May 26, 2015

Antipolo is the largest city in the CALABARZON region. It is also dubbed as the “Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines” as it has many religious sites devotees from all over the country can visit. If you are planning on doing a pilgrimage in Antipolo, here are 5 sites you must include in your itinerary.

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1.    Mystical Cave

The Mystical Cave is one of the biggest tourist spots in Antipolo. It is called “mystical” because of the various religious images you can see formed from the rocks and stones of the cave. These images include some of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. The rocks and water from the cave are also said to have healing properties.

2.    The Antipolo Cathedral

The Antipolo Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Antipolo or the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, was founded in the late 1600s and is famous because it enshrines the Marian image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. This image was brought over by Governor-General Juan Niño de Tabora from Mexico. His safe voyage—and the six other voyages that followed—was attributed to the image. Devotees who are about to embark on a long journey visit the cathedral or offer prayers to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage for safe travels.

3.    Boso-Boso Church
The Nuestra Señora de la Annunciata Parish Church, or more popularly known as Boso-Boso Church, is a Roman Catholic Church located in Barangay San Jose in Antipolo City. The church was founded in the late 1600s like most churches in the area. It is a stone church that was passed on from the Franciscans to the Jesuits and eventually to seculars. The church has a history of surviving World War II albeit with significant damage. It has since been restored to its former glory.

4.    Hinulugang Taktak
Hinulugang Taktak is a beautiful waterfall in Anitpolo City. It has a shrine and other religious sites in the area and is a designated National Park by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. The waterfall is on the list because in 1990, Hinulugang Taktak was also declared a National Historical Shrine under Republic Act No. 6964. This means that it is a sacred site and that whooever desecrates it is punishable by law. 

5.    Via Dolorosa
This particular site is most popularly visited during the Holy Week or any religious event. It is a breathtaking place that features the 12 Stations of the Cross on Pinagmisahan Hills. Each station has its own life-size monument, and at the end of the path, you’ll see a giant white cross and an image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

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