5 Signs You Have Wanderlust

Sure signs that your boots are made for traveling

By Mathew S. Chan
June 11, 2015


Wanderlust is the intense desire to travel the world. People with wanderlust have a thirst that cannot be quenched and are on a constant journey to try and satisfy it. Here are 5 signs that you have wanderlust.

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1.    You are always restless.
People with wanderlust simply can’t stand still. There are always places to see and things to do. You constantly need to be in a new place, and you can’t stay in a particular place for a prolonged period of time. For you, life is clearly a journey, and you like being on the move with no clear indication that you are ready to stop and settle down.

2.    You have a sense of adventure.
Wanderlust isn’t just about traveling; it’s also about making the most out of every situation and trying new things. Whenever you find yourself faced with the unfamiliar while traveling, you aren’t afraid to take risks or go the extra mile. You believe that even if you are somewhere for just a set number of hours, you can squeeze every moment for what it’s worth.

3.    You prefer to go off the beaten path.
To plan a trip is to have purpose. If you have wanderlust, though, travel doesn’t need to have one because the journey is the purpose itself. You prefer to be spontaneous and venture out on your own. You may have things you want to see, but you want to enjoy the ride towards the destination because there is the possibility of discovering new things along the way.

4.    You welcome change with open arms.
Change can be scary, but you are adaptable and accept it easily. To you, it is inevitable and something you always look forward to. A change of pace, location, or time is welcome because it challenges and excites you. You also understand that the ability to accept change is an important life skill everyone should develop.

5.    You always have travel on your mind.
Maintaining a 9 to 5 job can be a challenge for you, and you might find yourself often thinking of quitting your job and hopping on a plane with a one-way ticket. You constantly think of your next travel high and how you’ll get it. If you can find a way to live off traveling you would, but until then, you regularly think that you keep your current job to help pay for the next trip.

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