5 Things That Stop You from Traveling

It’s time to overcome these issues and see the world.

By Mathew S. Chan
February 10, 2015


To be able to travel around the country—and eventually the world—is usually seen as a luxury, but that isn’t always the case. There are many reasons why we find ourselves unable travel, but we often make them more than they need to be. Here are 5 things that prevent you from traveling and why you should stop worrying about them.

1.    Money
This is often seen as the biggest hindrance to anyone with wanderlust. Although it is definitely a valid reason, there are many ways to save money for traveling. If you set a goal and save a little every day, although it might not seem like a lot now, you might find yourself surprised when, a few months later, you have enough to go somewhere. Even if what you’ve saved is only enough for a short trip to a nearby destination, that doesn’t make the memories you will have from that trip any less important than if you traveled abroad.  

2.    Time

Life can get very busy, thanks to work, family, friends, relationships, and more. You might think all your time is accounted for, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have enough of it. It’s all a matter of prioritizing. If you really are committed to traveling, you will find some room for it in your schedule. It might take some maneuvering and extra work on your part, but it’s possible as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.

3.    Family
If you happen to be the breadwinner of your family, you might find it difficult to leave them, especially if you have kids. Sometimes, you feel so comfortable at home that going away without your family will just make you miss them, even if you’ll only be gone for a short trip. One solution is, of course, to plan a trip the entire family will enjoy. Exploring new places together is good, not just for you, but for your partner and children too. It gives you an opportunity to bond and create lasting memories.

4.    Being Alone
They say traveling is better when you’re with your partner or a group. While it can be fun, it’s not the only way to travel. It is often the fear of traveling alone that hinders people. But if you can do ordinary, everyday things like eating, going to the mall, and watching a movie alone, then you can certainly travel by yourself. You can always make friends while traveling, which is an enriching experience in itself.

5.    Work

Being passionate about your job is a good thing, but even the busiest workaholics need a break too. Work-life balance is an important aspect of living, and there’s no better way of having leisure time than through traveling. There are plenty of places out there just waiting to be discovered. Be resourceful and use your leaves wisely so that you can create opportunities for traveling this year.