5 Things to Do at Anilao Haven Resort

A simple resort in Batangas for a rustic dive getaway

By Mathew S. Chan
May 20, 2015

Rates start at PHP 2,049.19++
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Anilao Haven Resort
is a quiet paradise located in Mabini, Batangas. Amidst busy resorts in the area, it remains grounded and peaceful, making it the perfect beach escape for intimate barkada bonding. It might not be a five-star resort, but it has plenty to offer to keep you busy. Here are 5 things you can do at Anilao Haven Resort.

1.    Go island hopping.
Anilao Haven Resort is located in a very quiet part of Batangas. It is best to explore it when the waters are calm. You can go island hopping in two ways: 1) you can ask your boat transfer (which costs about PHP 2,500 back and forth) to take you around, specifically to the Fish Sanctuary, and 2) you can rent a kayak at the resort, which costs about PHP 500 per hour, and paddle your way to nearby islands.

2.    Hunt for sea urchins.
They say that wildlife often thrives at virgin beaches. It is very evident at Anilao Haven Resort’s beach as here you can find sea urchins right by the shore, ranging from small and colorful to large and foreboding. If you want to find bigger ones, you can rent snorkeling equipment from the resort for just PHP 150 a day. Just swim past the shore and you’ll immediately see dozens of giant sea urchins. You can also see different corals and fish.

3.    Grill seafood.

The resort provides you with facilities for grilling food. You can buy fresh seafood at the market at Mabini Port before you get transported to the resort. You can even ask the person in charge at the resort to buy charcoal for you at a nearby store. It’s great to be able to cook your own food, and seafood doesn’t need much preparation because they are already tasty even with just a simple marinade.

4.    Take dramatic photographs.
The location of Anilao Haven Resort is scenic and very picturesque, allowing you ample opportunities to take stunning photos of the resort, the beach, and more. There is a rock pier by the beach where you can take stunning photos. The whole area is as good as a studio where you can record precious memories with your friends.

5.    Enjoy the sunset.
Living in such a busy world, we often take a lot of things for granted, especially nature. Take your time at the resort to appreciate the simple things in life like the picture perfect sunset. The view of the sunset from the resort or beach is just breathtaking and panoramic. Sit down by the beach with a drink in hand and just watch the day turn to night.

Rates start at PHP 2,049.19++
Check rates for Anilao Haven Resort on TravelBook.ph!