5 Things to Do in Compostela Valley

Have a serene nature-inspired getaway at Compostela Valley.


Compostela Valley is a peaceful province located in southeast Mindanao. The province is known for its gold mining. Known for its gold mining industry, the valley is actually visited for its stunning views and captivating landscapes like no other. From mountain climbing to seeing rare sites, Compostela Valley provides you with loads of things to do. Here are 5 things you should do if you’re heading there.

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1.    See a giant flower.
The rafflesia mira is a parasitic plant that also happens to be the biggest flower in the world. Coincidentally, the rafflesia is prevalent in Southeast Asia. Compostela Valley has about 10 species of rafflesia that can be seen all throughout the province.  It’s a natural marvel and known for its bad odor despite its beautiful appearance. A good place to see this flower is at Mt. Candalaga.

2.    Trek to a falls.
Mindanao has an abundance of waterfalls, and some of the best in the Philippines are located here. Tagbibinta Falls is located in Maragusan, Compostela Valley. It is 700 feet high with seven cascading falls. The trek to the top isn’t a complete challenge, but the proper gear is still necessary. Once you reach the top, you will be welcomed by a majestic view of the region. It is definitely a must-visit for anyone who loves waterfalls.

3.    Take a dip in a hotspring.
If the main purpose for your visit to Compostela Valley is to relax, perhaps you’ll enjoy taking a dip in a nice hotspring. Hotsprings are said to have healing properties because their natural waters contain special minerals. The Mainit Sulfuric Hotspring in Maco, Compostela Valley, is no exception. Bathing under the cascading waters is a must-try.

4.    Go on an adventure.
If you love the environment and enjoy being out in nature, you should consider joining the annual Cave Eco-Adventure, which is held every November 1 to November 3. This three-day event includes exploring four caves in Nabunturan where you can see bats and natural rock formations and even go rappelling down waterfalls. It’s a great way to see and appreciate the wonders of these caves and have fun learning about them.

5.    Check in at Haven’s Peak Highland Resort.
Haven’s Peak is perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway or for backpackers and tourists who want to get a great view and experience all that Compostela Valley has to offer. The resort has complete facilities from their own restaurant and convenience store to their pools and recreational facilities. You can just chill out at night and enjoy the surroundings or simply gaze up at the sky.