5 Things to Do in Siquijor

Find out what enchanting wonders you can find on the Mystic Island.

By Mathew S. Chan
March 10, 2015


Known as the Mystic Island, Siquijor has always been shrouded in magic and mystery. But beyond rumors of sorcery and witchcraft, it is an incredible province with majestic sites just waiting to be explored. From trekking to watching butterflies to hanging out at the beach, Siquijor offers plenty of activities that may just make it your new favorite summer hangout spot. Read on for 5 things you can do in Siquijor.

1.    Go spelunking in Cantabon Cave.
Cantabon Cave in Cantabon is a natural marvel with a length of 30 meters famous for its stalactites and stalagmites. It’s a narrow and rocky path, but you will ultimately feel satisfied as you trek inside and see these impressive rock formations for yourself. The cave only has a PHP 10 entrance fee, and you can just add PHP 300 if you want a guide. Wear sturdy shoes and long sleeves for maximum comfort.

2.    Swim at the waterfalls.
There are two waterfalls in Siquijor that you must visit: Lugnason Falls and Cambugahay Falls. Located in San Juan, Lugnason Falls is made of a beautiful limestone wall with water dropping down to a basin. It’s a wonderful sight. You can even climb the steep cliffs and dive down to the basin. Cambugahay Falls in Lazi is one of the famous attractions of the region. This multi-layered falls has water originating from natural springs.

3.    Go beach hopping.
Siquijor has tons of gorgeous beaches, and all of them are worth checking out. Some of the places you can try are Salagdoong Beach, a beach with clear blue waters; Kagusuan Beach, a picturesque white sand beach; and Paliton Beach, a secluded beach where you can swim and snorkel. All three require a small entrance fee and have restaurants nearby if you get hungry. Although some may be harder to reach than others, whichever you pick of the three will definitely be worth the trip.

4.    See butterflies at Siquijor Butterfly Sanctuary.
If you are a fan of nature, scenery, and butterflies, you should check out Siquijor Butterfly Sanctuary. A local endeavor, the sanctuary features some pretty butterflies cultivated by the owner. The PHP 100 entrance fee goes into a fund that helps him build and expand this colorful preserve.  The sanctuary is in the center of the province, and the journey to it is almost as beautiful as the destination.

5.    Stand in awe of the Old Enchanted Balete Tree.

A trip to Siquijor won’t be complete if you don’t visit this mystical wonder in Lazi. The Old Enchanted Balete Tree is said to be about 400 years old, and several supernatural legends surround its presence, making it even more thrilling to see it in person. The sight of the tree is awe-inspiring and calming at the same time as it is located in a serene community.   

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