5 Tips for Writing an Informed Hotel Review

January 15, 2015

Informed reviews can be very helpful for people who travel and want to book a good hotel.  Your feedback can be valuable to both travelers and hotel management. For the review to be useful for all parties involved, here are some tips to help you keep your writing focused, fun, and helpful.

1.    Be objective.
As much as possible, you don’t want your review to be tainted by what others have already said. What is important is to stick to your own experiences and to write your review based on your thoughts without alluding to anyone else’s. This gives your review credibility.

2.    Add details.
Nuances and small details can really help others gauge what the total experience is like at a hotel. Was your towel folded like a swan on your bed when you checked in? Perhaps there was a short welcome note from the hotel owners on your bedside table. Things like these make your review more personal and more likely to help others.

3.    Talk about the facilities and amenities.
Hotel facilities, room amenities, and add-ons are also important to mention in your review. Going into detail about what add-ons are included in your hotel booking and what amenities are available in the room can help other travelers determine whether or not they’d like to stay at a hotel.

4.    Be concise.
You can write a raving review or a bad one, but if your writing is too long-winded or your thoughts are too scattered, travelers won’t read your review. Get straight to the point as much as possible. Steer clear from embellishments (unless they’re useful tidbits!), and make any details you add help your review as opposed to just extending it to make it look longer.

5.    Keep it clean.
If you’ve had a bad experience, you might be tempted to curse, rant, and bash, but adding profanity to your review doesn’t make it more effective nor does it reiterate your points. You can find better and more creative ways to express your disappointment. You can express your points without resorting to curses. Remember that once published, anyone can read your review, so try to keep everything family-friendly.

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