5 Ways to Cool Off This Summer

Do these little things to make your summer cooler.

By Mathew S. Chan
March 24, 2015


Summer is in full swing, and the days are just going to get hotter. It can be very dangerous if you don’t cool off and keep yourself properly hydrated. Here are 5 ways to beat the heat and make the most of your summer.

1.    Check in at a resort.
A great way to survive the heat while also having fun is by checking in at a resort or a hotel with a big pool. Spend your days swimming or lounging by the pool, and then go back to your nice air conditioned room to relax. Resorts you might want to check out include Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground in Bohol, Deep Forest Garden Resort in Palawan, and Sotogrande Hotel & Resort in Cebu.

2.    Go to a public pool.
If you are on a budget and find it too pricey to check in at a hotel or resort, then the next best thing is to go to a public pool. They only require a small entrance fee that can range from PHP 40 to PHP 200. They are usually open by 8-9AM and closed by 4PM. Some good public pools to check out include Marikina Sports Park, La Mesa Eco Park in Quezon City, and the Pasay Sports Complex.

3.    Go on a road trip to Baguio or Tagaytay.
If you aren’t particularly into swimming as a mode of cooling off, consider a change of scenery. You can head to Baguio , which only takes around 5-6 hours now thanks to the new Tarlac–Pangasinan–La Union Expressway, where you can enjoy cool weather and activities like strawberry picking and horseback riding. If you want somewhere nearer to Metro Manila, you can drive to Tagaytay, which is only about 1-2 hours away depending on traffic. You can spend your day at the Sky Ranch or eat some amazing bulalo.

4.    Spend the day at a mall.

One of the cheapest ways to cool off is by heading to the nearest mall and just staying there the whole day. Most malls have food courts with tables you can sit at without having to feel the pressure of buying something. If you don’t like window shopping, you can bring your laptop as most malls also have free WiFi. You can hang out at a café or watch a movie if you feel like it.

5.    Do the little things.

It’s not plausible to always swim or check in at hotels all the time, so there are small things you can do to help keep your body cool. You can start by avoiding dark fabrics and sticking to cotton shirts in light tones. You should also avoid drinks that contain caffeine because they can cause dehydration. For a quick refresher during the day, you can put water in a small spray bottle and spritz some on your face every now and then. 

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