5 Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

Simple ways to earn extra cash during a trip

By Mathew S. Chan
October 26, 2015


Traveling is expensive, and sometimes no matter how much you work or save up, you end up with just the bare minimum for your trip. One creative solution is to work during your travels to get extra pocket money for spending. Whether it’s getting a job where you can travel or working while you travel, here are some ways you can earn extra cash during your next trip.

1. Perform on the streets.
If you have talent in the performing arts or you have friends who do, a quick way to earn some cash is by going to a relatively busy street or park and doing a short performance. Be it singing, dancing, or something unique, you just need to put down a hat or can for collecting money. It might not get you much, but you’ll probably have enough for a free meal or two.

2. Teach a language.
You can either do this online or at a local learning center. Tutor people who need help in whatever field you might be good at. English teachers are a hot commodity, and if your communication skills are on point, you might find yourself a career in traveling and tutoring.

3. Work for a camp or resort.
If you are into nature and summer camps, why not apply to be a counselor? You get to be in the outdoors and do sports activities while getting paid for it. This could also work for resorts during the peak season when they need part-time help. Though there could be more restrictions, you could get a lot of perks after, like a discounted stay or pool privileges, and more.

4. Wait tables or bar tend.
This works out much better if you happen to have a working visa or permit (if traveling abroad) with you, but if it’s just for a day or two, the owners could be more lenient especially if they require the help. Bars often need waiters/waitresses or bartenders at the last minute. It’s a great way to get life experience, and though the pay might be small, you earn your way through tips.

5. House-sit or babysit for friends or relatives.
If you have some relatives where you're traveling, you can ask to be referred to friends who need someone to house-sit or babysit for them. This can include tasks such as taking care of a baby or children, watering plants, picking up mail, and more. The house owners might give you access to food or entertainment while you're there too.