5 Ways Traveling Overseas Can Help Your Relationship

Create lasting memories together when you travel.

By Mathew S. Chan
July 24, 2015


Being in a relationship and keeping it takes time and effort. The moment you stop trying is the moment the relationship ends. There are many ways to cultivate your relationship and traveling together overseas is one of them. Here are 5 ways it can help improve your relationship.

1.    You have all the time to spend with each other.

When you are somewhere familiar or traveling with others, people can distract you from having couple time. If you travel abroad where you don’t know anyone, you can spend all your time with your partner. You can really focus on each other and appreciate your trip together, something that you might not be able to do normally, especially if you’re both very busy.

2.    You will rely on each other.
Because you’re both in a new place, you have no one to rely on but each other. Just strolling around can become a completely novel experience as you build new levels of trust and explore the area together. When you’re traveling abroad, you will really need to lean on each other to make sure the trip goes smoothly. And if you encounter problems along the way, you’ll be able to get through them together.

3.    You learn new things about your partner.

Being in a new environment can bring out new colors in your partner. You might discover things about them that can make or break your relationship. For example, you might realize they’re very open-minded by the way they interact with others or you might find out how short-tempered they are because of an inconvenience you experience on your trip.  For better or worse, learning these new things are essential to your relationship as they will help you decide how to move forward in the future.

4.    You dream and create goals together.
When you travel together, you can live out experiences together and plan your next trips. It is important for couples to do things together and, more importantly, to set goals and figure out how committed you are to your relationship. By doing this, you are able to build lasting memories, which will inspire you two to create more together.

5.    You can fall in love with each other again.
Sometimes, couples just fall out of love. They forget what brought them together, and the spark that lighted the way has dimmed into a dark void of indifference. One way to rekindle things and give your relationship a jumpstart is by traveling, especially to a romantic city like Paris or Rome. You have the whole trip to experience dating again and you can re-enact meeting each other for the first time. Sip wine, eat scrumptious food, and enjoy fantastic sites. What could be a better date than exploring a new place together?