50 Things to Do in Bulacan

Immerse yourself in the beauty and wealth of this province near Metro Manila.

By Rheinalee Casupanan
March 15, 2017

Quick History of Bulacan

More popularly known as the Land of the Heroes, Bulacan is one of the eight provinces who fought for democracy during the Philippine Revolution against Spain in 1896. Playing such significant role in the country’s democracy left Bulacan with many historical sites which all become witnesses of the Filipinos’ plight during the war. It had been a home for some of the country’s national brave men including Francisco Baltazar, Marcelo H. del Pilar, and Gregorio del Pilar. Every art form—music, theatre, sculpture, dance, film, visual arts, and literature—are also represented in this province as some of our national artists regarded it as home.

Aside from being a historic and cultural province, people also get the impression that Bulacan is full of stores selling local delicacies and firecrackers. However, many people don’t know that the province also boasts natural wonders including caves, waterfalls, mountains, and rivers that are all begging to be explored.

Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventurer, a history and culture buff, or simply just a rejuvenator, the purpose of your travels will ultimately be fulfilled when you go to a trip to Bulacan. Here are the things you can do while you’re there:

Look back into history
1. Take yourself back in time with the old Meycauayan PNR station, one of the few two-story PNR stations in the Philippines.
2. Know about the bravery of our native ancestors through the Battle of Quinga monument in Plaridel.
3. Commemorate the life, heroism, and death of Marcelo H. Del Pilar at the Plaridel Shrine in Bulakan, Bulacan. Know about him more by exploring the two-story museum library of the shrine and visiting his monument and tomb.
4. Visit the house-turned-museum of Jose Bautista at Malolos where the first meeting of La Liga Filipinas was held. It is an absolute showroom of antique chandeliers, furniture, ceiling murals, paintings, religious icons, memorabilia, and heirlooms including the original flag of KKK.
5. Check out the Casa Real Shrine in Malolos. It served many important purposes during the Spanish and American colonization periods.
6. Say a prayer at Meyto Shrine in Calumpit. This is considered as the cradle of Christianity in the province since this is where Augustinian friars held the first Catholic mass in Bulacan.
7. Drive around the Bustos Heritage Houses which all feature unique architectural attributes. All of these houses miraculously survived World War II.
8. Visit the house-turned-municipio-turned-museum library of revolutionary Dr. Joaquin Gonzalez at Baliwag. The National Museum declared this building as an Important Cultural Property, which houses antique photographs, busts, and memorabilia of the town’s notable heroes.
9. Know more about Baliwag’s history and culture in their century-old Baliwag Library and Museum.
10. Explore the Biak-na-Bato National Park at San Miguel, Bulacan. While learning about history, you can also try various activities like rappelling, caving, and swimming.
Experience adventure with nature
11. Chase the sunset at Mt. Balagbag by following the Licao-Licao trail either by foot, bike, or ATV. With a difficulty level of 2/10, Mt. Balagbag is perfect for beginners and it boasts an overlooking view of the Ortigas skyline. It is located at the boundaries of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan and Rodriguez, Rizal.
12. Swim for free at the cool and clear waters of Bakas River in Norzagaray.
13. Discover the hidden paradise that is Bitbit River in Norzagaray and practice your rappelling skills at Bitbit Bridge at Norzagaray.
14. Try spelunking from one cave to another since Bulacan is blessed with several caves: Madlum, Bayukbok, Tanggapan, Bahay Paniki, and Balingkupang Caves (San Miguel), Pinagrealan Cave (Norzagaray), Puning Cave (Doña Remedios Trinidad), Bulusukan Cave (San Ildefonso), and Malangaan Cave (San Rafael).
15. Discover the Secret Falls (San Miguel), the Verdivia Falls (Doña Remedios Trinidad), and Kaytitinga and Ocho-Ocho Falls (San Jose del Monte).
16. Have a relaxing dip at Hugis Gitara Spring at Doña Remedios Trinidad.
17. Discover the beauty of Mount Manalmon and Mount Gola in a twin day hike and trek across the Madlum River and Bayukbok Cave to appreciate the lovely rock formations at San Miguel.

Try various local specialties
18. Choose among Rosalie’s special kinds of bibingka at Marilao, which are topped with latik, pinipig, or leche flan.
19. Enjoy a full probinsya experience and dine in a nipa hut or a tree house at Akasya Republic in San Jose del Monte.
20. Take a break from your diet and give in to temptation with Daboy’s special “backfat chili-cious” chicharon when you drop by Gov. Fortunato Halili Avenue at Sta. Maria.
21. Buy locally made vinegar at Paombong, the Vinegar Capital of the Philippines.
22. Bring Eurobake’s original ensaymada and inipit as pasalubong to your family. It can be found along the boundary of Malolos and Guiguinto.
23. Go seafood shopping at the seafood market in Hagonoy.
24. Try the tastiest longganisa in the Philippines from Calumpit.
25. Buy crispy mushroom flakes and bits from Mom’s Haus of Mushroom at Plaridel. These mushroom chips are like chicharon but without the guilt.
26. Try Minasa cookies and barquillos in Zeny’s at Bustos.
27. Satisfy your sweet tooth with SC Sevilla Sweets’ pastillas and kesong puti at San Miguel. These treats are made with fresh carabao milk.

Find peace in churches
28. During Holy Week, devote time to meditate with the Stations of the Cross at the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Marilao. You can also visit their underground museum and shop in their gift stores for distinguished Catholic books and Catholic-oriented items.
29. Pose for a selfie with the 160-year-old acacia tree at the patio of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi at Meycauayan. More popularly known as the Meycauayan Tree, this tree has been a mute witness to the country’s history especially our countrymen’s devoutness to St. Francis.
30. Say a prayer at San Jose del Monte’s Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, the famous miraculous grotto at Bulacan. The water from the spring at the church is a tourist attraction for many Catholics because of the belief of the locals that it can cleanse away sins and renew life.
31. Be mesmerized by the beauty of La Asuncion de la Nuestra Senora Church at Sta. Maria. Its bell tower and statues inside the church are historically unique.
32. When in Malolos, appreciate the grandeur of Barasoain Church as well as its important role in shaping the country as a nation.
33. Appreciate the greatness of the Malolos Cathedral, one of the historic churches in the Philippines.
Participate in their cultural festivals
34. Dance with womenfolk at the Obando Fertility Dance, observed from May 17 to 19 at San Pascual de Baylon Parish Church.
35. Appreciate Bulacan’s culture and arts as the locals showcase their costumes, artifacts, literature, handicrafts, and unique talent during the Singkaban Festival at Malolos.
36. Witness the Festival of Kneeling Carabaos held every second week of May at Pulilan. It’s a colorful time of thanksgiving to San Isidro Labrador for a year-long bountiful harvest.
37. Have fun with Hagonoy locals as they celebrate Halamanan Festival and showcase their inventiveness in the art of gardening, landscaping, seedling propagation, and growing of plants.
38. Participate in Plaridel’s Salubong Festival held every 29th of December in honor of St. James the Great. Women parade while dressed up in traditional Filipina attires.
39. Attend the Calumpit Libad Festival every 23rd of June and witness the fluvial procession of well-decorated pagodas as they parade on the rivers of Angat and Bagbag.
40. Enjoy Bustos’ special delicacies at Minasa Festival every January. Aside from the makeshift stalls of locally-made food products, various activities are also prepared for the enjoyment of tourists like street dance parade, exhibits, live band concerts, and traditional Filipino games.
41. Buy beautiful woven hats during the Buntal Hat Festival at Baliwag and show support for the talent of our native weavers.

Enjoy your leisure time
42. When preparing for the New Year, drop by Bocaue to buy fireworks and firecrackers.
43. Take a look at the Casanova-Aguirre Mansion along Poblacion, Pulilan. You may have seen this ancestral house in your favorite Filipino films including Moments of Love.
44. For butterfly enthusiasts and nature lovers, visit the Butterfly Haven at Pulilan.
45. Watch the birds at Candaba Bird Sanctuary in Baliwag and be one with nature.
46. Find locally-made and intricately-designed bone inlaid furniture at Baliwag.
47. When in Bustos, teach your kids about recycling for free and visit Bahay Resiklo—a quirky exhibit curated by Lercita Cristobal to showcase recycled materials she personally made from newspapers, vinyl records, and inkjet printers.
48. Enjoy a picnic lunch around Angat Afterbay Regulatory Dam at Bustos. It is the longest rubber dam in the country and the second largest of its kind in the whole world.
49. Test your boating skills and enjoy glamping at San Rafael River Adventure.
50. Enjoy a refreshing summer and hop from one resort to another. Scattered all over the province are unique resorts and waterparks like Amana Waterpark (Pandi), Jed’s Island Resort (Calumpit), 8 Waves Waterpark (San Rafael), Adventure Resort (Norzagaray), and Klir Waterpark Resort (Guiguinto).

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