7 Things You Could Be Doing Instead of Waiting in Traffic

A list of productive things you could be doing instead of being stuck in traffic

By Mathew S. Chan
September 18, 2015


Traffic is a big issue in the country, and it will only get worse before getting better. On a daily basis, you can find yourself waiting in traffic for about 3-6 hours, and those are hours of your life you can never get back. If not for the major traffic, you could be doing so much like spending time with friends and family or even getting more sleep. Here are 5 things you could be doing if heavy traffic didn’t exist.

1. You could be sleeping at home.
Because of the worsening traffic, you are forced to wake up earlier so that you can leave earlier and avoid the traffic. The only problem is that everyone else is doing it, so it becomes pointless. Because of this, the number of hours you sleep is cut down considerably. Of course, you could choose to take a nap enroute to work, but without the intense traffic, you could still be sleeping in the comfort of your own bed, getting in at least two more hours, which could really help you get through the day.

2. You could be spending time with family.
The only thing worse than morning traffic is the afternoon and early evening traffic. No matter how we try to avoid the traffic, it is always there, just looming. Because of this, you find yourself having less time to spend with your family. This is especially evident if you are a parent. By the time you get home, it will be past dinner and your kids would have already gone to bed.

3. You could be watching two movies.
Imagine how many movies you could have watched if it weren’t for the traffic. Those two unnecessary hours on the road could have led you to an earlier screening of a movie in the theater, thus allowing you to go home earlier (or do other things) after the movie finishes. You could probably go on a movie marathon during rush hour traffic. Just use your mobile or get a small TV for your car to help pass the time.

4. You could be in a relationship.
They say first impressions last, so if you’re on your way to your first date and traffic hits, be prepared to get to your destination late. Of course, arriving late can taint your general image, and your date might end up never reaching out to you for a second outing. Traffic can ruin relationships—even those that haven’t begun yet.

5. You could have had a second degree.
If you count all the hours you’ve wasted stuck in traffic, you’d probably have enough hours to earn you a second or a master’s degree. Who knows? You could have even gone to med or law school with all the time you’ve wasted all these years. All that precious time could have been used to gain more knowledge and get a one-up on life. It’s too bad the traffic got the one-up on you instead.

6. You could be eating.
Getting stuck in traffic can also cost you your mealtimes. Instead of starving inside your car, you could be having a nice lunch or dinner at a fancy new restaurant you’ve wanted to try. But because of the delay, by the time you get there, any of these is possible: your reservation was let go, the place is closed, or the line is too long for waiting.

7. You could have saved a life.
According to Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abay, “traffic isn’t fatal,” but a lot of people would beg to disagree. In an article by TopGear.com.ph, they list possible and very real scenarios where traffic can be a killer. As you are included in the flow of traffic, you play a part in causing any of these potential deaths. Instead of adding to the intense traffic, you could be elsewhere, and you could have spared an ambulance the hassle of trying to get through a wave of cars.
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