7 Trips that Teach You Something New

Classrooms aren’t the only places for learning. Take these trips and gain some new knowledge and skills.

By TravelBook
November 15, 2011

From every new experience comes new knowledge in one form or another. One particularly fun experience that guarantees learning is travel. Traveling can give one the chance to learn a new skill, to find fun facts about a place, or to discover something new about yourself. Here are 7 trips you can take and gain some new skills and knowledge from:

Discover spelunking in Sagada.

There are many amazing and beautiful sights to see below ground that not many people get to see. Sagada's cave system is often open for tour groups to explore, and can teach one about this different kind of environment, about surviving in such a setting, and about one's own abilities. Plus, spelunking can be very good exercise. Read about a real Sagada adventure here.  


Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

See how Montanosa cloth is woven in Baguio.

One of the most distinct products of the Cordillera region is its woven Montanosa cloth, which is thick and colorful. The Easter Weaving Room in Baguio is a place where visitors can go to purchase this kind of cloth, as well as to see how it is made. Professional weavers sit at a loom, which they operate by hand, weaving the colorful threads into bright patterns. For more on the Easter Weaving Room and other Baguio establishments, click here.

Learn about the beauty hidden under the sea in Anilao, Batangas.

Diving has become a favorite pastime of tourists in many parts of the Philippines. Both expert and novice divers frequent the dive spots in Anilao, Batangas because of its accessibility and beautiful reefs. As an activity, diving can cultivate an appreciation for the undersea environment and teach lessons on the importance of trust and staying calm under pressure. Click here to see an Anilao dive video.


Photo by Kristy Texon

Expand your knowledge on Philippine cuisine in Pampanga.

Pampanga isn't called the Culinary Capital of the Philippines for nothing. Aside from traditional Filipino fare, Pampanga cuisine includes dishes that push the boundaries of what Filipino food is. Some establishments may have demonstrations on how they prepare the food, and sometimes the tour-goers get to try their hand at making one or two delicious dishes. To read about a real Pampanga food trip, click here.

Indulge your inner art lover in Rizal.

Rizal province is known as a haven for art galleries exhibiting local art. Cultivate your Pinoy pride and learn about Philippine art and culture by visiting Antipolo and Angono. Read about a Rizal art gallery here.

Learn to throw burnay pots in Ilocos Sur.

The Pagburnayan in Ilocos Sur is a place where sturdy clay pots are made in the traditional way. Potters throw the pots onto a rotating wheel, where they demonstrate how they make the burnay pots. Sometimes, the workers invite visitors to try molding a pot into shape. Read about a trip to Ilocos Sur here.

Help save the environment by participating in a coastal clean-up.

Every year, at around September or October, the International Coastal Clean-up takes place. Several communities around the Philippines participate in this event, and people from all over can sign up and help clean up the beaches. Some of the places that are part of the International Coastal Clean-Up include Manila Bay and Anilao, Batangas. But even during other times in the year, some seaside communities set a specific day to pick up the dirt and garbage off their beaches. Show your appreciation for the beauty of our beaches by signing up during one of these events. You'll get to learn about the state of our coastlines, help preserve the environment, and make some new friends during the activity.