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you don’t want to miss these amazing places in north and south luzon

The great thing about road trips is you don’t have to travel far to get a glimpse of beautiful places in the Philippines. And whether you live in the so-called... Read More

are you team north or team south? choose one to get p500 off!

It appears that the North and South debate among Metro Manila residents is here to stay, so let’s put it to the test! For this promo, choose your side by... Read More

11 unique date ideas during the rainy days

Who says you cannot have an enjoyable date during the rainy days? If you’re unsure about where you can have a romantic time when it pours outside, then check out... Read More

enjoy amazing discounts using your rcbc card

Attention RCBC Cardholders! Plan your next getaway now because you can get up to P500 off on any local accommodation! Simply book using your RCBC Credit Card from July 15... Read More

get p600 off on your selected hotel this payday!

After another workweek, it’s time to treat yourself with a staycation or a quick vacation. To encourage you, we’re giving P600 off on your selected hotel when you book from... Read More

most recommended restaurants and wellness centers

This week, devote some time to enjoy a little bit by trying out these wonderful restaurants and wellness centers with your family or friends. Check out these deals now so... Read More

most recommended hotels in metro manila

The streets of Metro Manila have been getting busier these days, that’s why we need to loosen up even with just an overnight stay or two during the weekend. We have... Read More

special sunday treats (limited time only!)

For Filipinos, Sunday is family day. Make it more exciting and fun with these activities and experiences that your loved ones will enjoy. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

recommended options for surfers this month

Who says that the rainy season should limit us to enjoying indoor activities? This period has been very exciting especially from surfers because of the bigger and more intense waves.... Read More

let’s welcome july with up to p1000 off on your selected hotel

Hello July! How about starting the second half of the year with an amazing staycation? Be sure not to miss this chance to get big discounts by using the Read More

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