Aurora Travel Guide

Aurora Travel Guide

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top philippine destinations during the rainy season

The rainy months are here and we can already feel the cooler temperatures of the season. While the gloomy weather usually makes us want to stay in bed all day,... Read More

baler tourist spots: 14 exciting destinations to discover

14 Baler Tourist Spots That You Shouldn’t Miss Baler is simply one of those places that has everything. Sure, it’s more popular as a surfing spot, but beyond the gnarly... Read More

the ultimate surfing guide for beginners

Surfing is a popular surface watersport where a wave rider, also known as a surfer, rides on the forward movement of a wave to the shore. It’s an exhilarating sport... Read More

unconventional ways to celebrate christmas

We’ve all celebrated Christmas the usual way — the whole family gets together to enjoy a sumptuous Noche Buena before the presents are opened, and Monito-Monitas are revealed. It’s traditional,... Read More

4 reasons why you should visit baler

When people ask me what my plans are for the coming weekends, this answer almost always comes out of my mouth: “Baka mag-Baler ako (I might go to Baler).” Soon... Read More

5 places to visit in the philippines this 2015

The Lunar New Year has just begun, and if you’re planning your trips for the year, you should consider adding more Philippine destinations to your list. How about visiting the... Read More

5 places to go on valentine's day

In a rare occurrence, February 14 will land on a Saturday this year, giving couples a chance to have a Valentine’s Day weekend. One of the best things couples... Read More

5 things to do in baler

 The Philippines has been experiencing a bout of cold weather, but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sun at the beach. If you prefer the surf and the sand,... Read More

5 resorts in baler

The December breeze is on. The mornings are chilly and the nights windy. If you’re looking for adventure under the sun, head to Baler where the waves are perfect for... Read More

5 water sports and where to try them

Want to experience something new the next time you go on vacation? Have a go at a water sport you haven’t tried before. You don’t necessarily have to be adventurous... Read More

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