Bacolod Food Trip: 10 Cafes and Restos to Try

Calea, Bob’s, Café Uma, El Ideal—Just some of the cafes, restos, and pasalubong shops to visit in and around the Sugar City.

Bacolod City in Negros Occidental is a certified foodie haven. The distinctive local food culture and Negrense cuisine, the abundance of restaurants and cafes in the city, and the laid-back pace that allows for leisurely meals, all contribute to this reputation.

On a recent trip to Bacolod, there weren't enough days to try all the restaurants we had on our list--but we still managed to fit ten restaurants, kakanin stops, and cafes into three days. These included such institutions as El Ideal and Café Bob's, as well as newer favorites like Calea and Café Uma, though not, unfortunately, Café 1925, Bacolod Chicken House, or Pendy's.

Check out our list in the gallery below, and grab some ideas for your own Bacolod food trip for the next time you're in the area.

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