Things to do in Baguio

Things to do in Baguio

The best things to do for an enjoyable stay in Baguio

the fright tours challenge: are you up for it?

The ‘ber months have officially arrived, and for us Filipinos, this marks the start of the Christmas countdown. In the midst of all the holiday buzz, we sometimes forget that... Read More

5 things to do in baguio

Baguio is definitely the go-to place during the holidays. Be it during the Christmas season or the summer, this cool paradise sees its fair share of tourists all-year round.... Read More

5 tips for surviving the panagbenga festival

Are you traveling to Baguio this February for the month-long Panagbenga festival? Asidefrom planning how to get to and where to stay in the summer capital of the Philippines,... Read More

what to look forward to at the 2014 panagbenga festival

Are you traveling to Baguio to experience the annual grand float parade? Make the most of your Baguio getaway! Check out what exciting activities are happening in the city in... Read More

5 hotels in drivable destinations

Raring to go on a vacation but don’t have the time or budget to fly? Check out these drivable destinations. Rolling along the expressway or national highway with family and... Read More

february 2013 festivals and holidays

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only occasion to celebrate this February. From paying tribute to the arts to celebrating new beginnings to experiencing a gastronomic feast, this month is a great... Read More

mountain festivals, and how to survive them

It’s hard to be a lover in Baguio in February. You save enough for a bouquet of roses, only to learn that the farmers are readying them for an event... Read More

taking bahaghari literally: baguio in colors

Like Keanu Reeves and Mark Twain, I am color-blind; although only in the red-green spectrum. It’s not that I can’t distinguish between “stop” and “go,” but it’s when the green... Read More

the not-so-pc abc guide to bc

Every Holy Week, the Baguio Correspondents and Broadcasters Club (BCBC) captures two to six Baguio “virgins” (first timers) and takes them around the city and to nearby La Trinidad. The... Read More

baguio in full bloom: my panagbenga festival experience

Baguio City is called the Philippines’ summer capital because of its cool climate. Tourists flock to the mountain city in the summer to escape the city’s heat and during the... Read More

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