Restaurants in Baguio

Restaurants in Baguio

Your guide to the most amazing food spots in Baguio

5 must-visit restaurants in baguio

Known for the Panagbenga Festival and tourist attractions such as Picnic Grove and Burnham Park, Baguio City is also a great place for a food trip. Round up your friends... Read More

travelbook fans share 5 must-buy baguio treats

Your trip to a new destination won’t be complete if you don’t buy some pasalubong for your loved ones. And what better treats to take home than those they can... Read More

eat til you drop in baguio city

Baguio City is not only the summer capital of the Philippines, but is also a gastronomic sanctuary for foodies and backpackers alike. Be it a steaming hot bowl ofBulalo... Read More

baguio dining delights

Vacationing in Baguio this holiday break? Editor Sunshine Selga-Funa shares her favorite haunts for farm-fresh veggies, hearty Pinoy breakfasts, strawberry fondue, and the best Baguio comfort food around. If I... Read More

my last supper

I bought this book called “Last Suppers,” which is about the last meal requests of those on Death Row. This is not to be confused with “Their Last Suppers,” which... Read More