Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center: Your Perfect Team Building Venue

A team building experience you won’t forget that’s just a drive away from the city.

By Mathew S. Chan
August 03, 2016

An essential part of any company is the camaraderie among its employees. Morale must be high for a positive work environment and to boost productivity. But with so many tasks and projects, people can easily feel burned out and be in low spirits. While this is normal for any company, one effective way to get everyone back on track is to hold team building activities. This helps realign everyone as well as help newer employees create repertoires with older members of the team.

Bakasyunan Resort Pool 2

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center in Tanay, Rizal, is the perfect team building venue near Manila. It’s far enough that it gives the sense of traveling to somewhere away from the city, but it’s also quite near that the travel time isn’t draining. The resort is just one hour and 30 minutes without traffic from Metro Manila. You’ll also pass by Cainta and or Antipolo while on your way there so you’ll have plenty of options for a stopover.

Bakasyunan Resort’s property is vast and wide that it can accommodate lots of fun things you can do from obstacle courses and zip-lines to zorbs and ATVs. You’ll also enjoy the fresh air as you admire the stunning panoramic view of the mountains and the Pililla Windmills. It’s easy to lose all sense of the busy city with the resort’s relaxing vibe. Additionally, their rooms are all spacious and comfortable, with different types that can accommodate both small and big groups.

Bakasyunan Resort Mini Gold

Depending on your team building requirements, Bakasyunan Resort offers several packages that could work for you and your colleagues. The nice thing about their team building packages is that they’re inclusive of activities and facilitators. You can pick the one that best suits what you want to accomplish for your team. The facilitators are engaging, charismatic, and can really create a space where you and your colleagues can bond while having a great time.

Bakasyunan Resort Pool 1

The activities included in the packages are rather short (a total of two hours), but there are still loads of things to do in Bakasyunan Resort. You can take a dip and relax in the three-tier pool, go horseback or carabao riding, mountain biking, play mini golf, volleyball, and more. Or you can just stroll around the property to find a nice, quiet spot to chill or explore what else there is to do. You can see all their offered amenities and activities in this link.

Bakasyunan Resort Room

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center is highly recommended if you’re searching for a suitable place to hold your company’s team building. It is also ideal for a vacation with family and friends. With complete amenities, a convenient location, and relaxing surroundings, why bother looking somewhere else?

In case you are interested, you can check out their latest offers here.