Baler Tourist Spots: 14 Exciting Destinations to Discover

No trip to Baler is complete without visiting these sights!

By Rhea J. Bernardino
January 16, 2018

14 Baler Tourist Spots That You Shouldn't Miss

Baler Tourist Spots

Baler is simply one of those places that has everything. Sure, it's more popular as a surfing spot, but beyond the gnarly waves, there are a lot more to be seen and done in this historic town in the province of Aurora. Just check out these amazing Baler tourist spots that we've rounded up below, which are all interesting, picture-perfect, and deserve a spot on your itinerary.

1. Sabang Beach

Photo by Jojo Nicdao

Sabang Beach is the premier surfing spot in all of Baler. Lined with soft gray sand, this public beach is said to be the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines. Wave riders from all over the world come over to experience the thrill offered by Sabang Beach. For first-time surfers, don’t worry as there are surf shacks around that offer lessons and board rentals. In addition, the scenic shores can entice anyone to go for a swim, while the restaurants along the shore will satisfy anyone’s appetite.

2. Dicasalarin Cove

No need to go faraway to see some white sand beaches because Baler also has one! At Dicasalarin Cove, you'll enjoy some peace and privacy while feasting your eyes on charming shores since it is less crowded compared to Sabang Beach. Swimming is not allowed because of the rock formations, but can still enjoy sightseeing and lounging along the coast. You can also hike up the paved stairway to get to the lighthouse, where you can enjoy a marvelous view of the cove.

3. Diguisit Beach

Diguisit Beach is visited by tourists, not for swimming, but because of the amazing rock formations that frame the backdrop of its rocky coast. These stunning creations are also known as the Lukso-Lukso islet, named as such because they are so close to one another that you can almost hop (lukso) from one formation to the other. When you're done snapping photos and visiting each of the three islets, you might want to go on a side trip to Diguisit Falls. Go for a refreshing soak at this three-tiered waterfall located along a highway.

4. Cemento Beach

Photo by Clarys Moonfang

If you already know your way around a board and want to level up your surfing experience in Baler, then you should hit up Cemento Beach. Not only is it a less crowded alternative to Sabang Beach, but because of its stronger waves and rocky coast, it offers a bigger challenge for pro surfers. It's recommended that you schedule your trip around the months of October to February, when the waves are at its highest.

5. Ampere Beach in Dipaculao

Photo by Lex Mempin

Do you love waking up to a stunning sunrise? Ampere Beach in the town of Dipaculao is the best place to catch one when in Aurora. It's located an hour away from Baler, so you may need to wake up extra early so you can arrive just in time to see the glorious sunrise. There's also a rock formation in the distance that you'll want to include in your photo-ops.

6. Ditumabo Falls

Photo by Acey Ramirez

If your visit to Diguisit Falls left you wanting more, then a side trip to the neighboring town of San Luis will surely satisfy your wanderlust for waterfalls. It's home to the biggest waterfalls in all of Aurora—Ditumabo Falls. It's also referred to as Mother Falls, and it features cool blue waters that rush down to a clear basin from a height of 140 feet. Getting there requires a bit of a hike, but it will most definitely be worth it the moment you plunge into its refreshing waters.

7. Balete Tree

Photo by Krisitina Sophia Evangelista

Baler is also home to the biggest balete tree in Asia! Known as the Millennium Tree, it is one of Baler's most distinguished landmarks. Towering at over 200 feet, it is believed to be about six centuries old. Aside from snapping photos, tourists are also allowed to climb inside the tree. If you want to explore, make sure that you don suitable clothing and gear.

8. Museo de Baler

Photo by susancorpuz90

Founded by the Spaniards in the 1600s, the town of Baler has a rich history that is worth revisiting, and you can know more about it at Museo de Baler. Its collection of relics, artifacts, and memorabilia gives you glimpses of Baler's colorful past.

9. Baler Town Plaza

Photo by Raven Lingatong

Sitting in the middle of town, Baler's town plaza is a place where the old meets the new. It's a popular attraction and a favorite picture spot of tourists because of the huge sign that spells out the town's name. Alongside this Instagram-worthy sign, visitors will also encounter a treasured town landmark—the Baler 400 Years Monument, which commemorates the town's 400 years of existence.

10. Ermita Hill

Photo by Ramon FVelasquez

Baler has an impressive coast, and if you're looking for a vantage point that offers a good view, you may want to hike up Ermita Hill. When you begin trekking, you'll see the Tromba Marina statue, which depics the brave journey to safety of the survivors of the 18th century tsunami that ravaged Baler.

11. Hanging Bridge

Fancy taking a walk on the wild side? Crossing the famed Hanging Bridge in Barangay Zabali will give you a mixture of fear, excitement, and bliss. Made of steel cables, the bridge is suspended above the Tibag-Sabang River so you'll get an amazing view of the body of water while crossing.

12. Quezon Memorial Park

Photo by Shubert Ciencia

Baler is the birthplace of former President Manuel L. Quezon, so it comes as no surprise that there are places in town dedicated to his honor. One of them is Quezon Memorial Park. A statue of the president sits in the middle of the park and a replica of his ancestral house. You’ll also spot one of the cars (now vintage) that he used back then.

13. Quezon House

Photo by Jojo Nicdao

President Quezon is not the only historical figure sharing a connection with Baler. His wife, Aurora Quezon, also hails from this town. The province of Aurora was, in fact, named after her. If you want to learn more about the former first lady, you can visit Quezon House, the replica of the house where she was born.

14. San Luis Obispo Church

Photo by Jojo Nicdao

The San Luis Obispo Parish Church is not just a place for the religious but for history buffs as well. It played a significant role in the Philippine Revolution for being the site of the Siege of Baler in 1898. In this historic event, Spanish troops took refuge in the church for nearly a year even after the war against the Americans ended.

Where to stay in Baler

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Rates start at PHP 4,189.41

The Circle Hostel Baler
Buton Street, Barangay Sabang, Baler
Rates start at PHP 544.10

Smart Beach House
Querijero St., Barangay Sabang, Baler
Rates start at PHP 1,496.07

Kahea's Lodge
Barangay Sabang, Baler
Rates start at PHP 2,968.76

Surfhouse Baler
58 Buton Street, Barangay Sabang, Baler
Rates start at PHP 2,965.12

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