Banaue Travel Information

Banaue is famous for its rice terraces, which were constructed thousands of years ago.

By TravelBook
November 21, 2011

Why Go

Banaue is a town located in the mountainous province of Ifugao. It is most known as the site of the Batad and Bangaan Rice Terraces, collectively and more commonly known as the Banaue Rice Terraces. The Terraces are also locally known as the 8th Wonder of the World, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many people tracel to Banaue just to lay eyes on this man-made wonder.

When to Go

Peak season is from February to May, when the view of the Terraces are least obscured by low-hanging clouds.

What to Do

Man-Made Attractions - The main reason most tourists come to Banaue is to view its rice terraces. Locally dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Terraces were built by hand over 2,000 years ago. Another famous tourist attraction is Viewpoint. About 1-2 hours from Banaue on foot, this viewing area is but one of the spots from which the Terraces can be viewed.

Mountaineering & Trekking - Located on a mountain, Banaue offers climbers and trekkers many opportunities to climb. Popular treks include the path from Batad to Cambulo to Pula, then to Banaue; and the climb from Pula to Mt.Amuyao, the area's highest peak.

Museums, Institutions, and Shrines - Folks looking for a scholastic way of learning about the area's art culture can stop by the Museum of Cordilleran Sculpture, which aims to preserve a culture that is slowly giving way to modern living. The muesum houses over 1,000 pieces of art and artefacts that range from Bululs—local rice gods—to textiles and everyday objects.

Natural Attractions - Banaue has other attractions aside from the Rice Terraces. Natural attractions include the Batad and the Tappiyah Falls, which can be visited as a day trip or an overnight stay. When visiting, it is best to contract the services of a guide, as one learns more about the area that way.

What to Buy

Basketry - Banaue, like most areas in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), is famous for its basketry, producing good such as slippers and bags. As many products are now produced en masse, the intrepid shopper would do well to buy from villages where the crafts are still traditionally practiced.

Carved Wood - Banaue is famous for its carved wooden products such as wooden chests and bowls. Bulols, or rice gods, are particularly popular with antique collectors, though more recently made ones may be commercially available.

Local Wine - Native wine made from rice or sugarcane can be purchased from any inn or lodge, not to mention the occasional sar-sari store.

Getting There

GV Florida Transport, whose terminal is in Sampaloc, leaves Manila for Banaue every evening. There are two trips: the 9pm one and and the sightly more expensive 10:45 one onboard a more luxurious bus. Passengers are advised to arrive an hour before departure. Buses leave Banaue for Manila at 8pm nightly. Other bus companies that ply the Manila-Banaue route are  Ohayami Trans and Autobus Transport.

Getting Around

Jeepneys and tricycles are the most common ways of getting around in Banaue, though vans, complete with drivers, can be hired for a day.