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Basco Travel Guide

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batanes tourist spots to add to your bucket list

25 Batanes Tourist Spots That You Shouldn’t Miss Batanes used to be a far-fetched destination that only the adventurous can conquer, but now, more and more travelers are beginning to... Read More

august 2015 festivals and holidays

Are you looking for events to attend this August? If you are into culture and dance, then you should definitely attend a festival or two this month. There are... Read More

august festivals 2012

Filipinos by nature are truly makabayan (nationalistic). From the days of the KKK up to EDSA, we have proven our nationalism by braving the streets to fight for our freedom... Read More

batanes: the northern wonderland

Former Roam editor in chief Upper Viceo is no stranger to travel–but her eight day trip to Batanes introduced her to a completely different side of the Philippines. Here she... Read More

batanes: a photographer’s delight

A beautiful rugged landscape, unique vernacular architecture, and interesting local scenes like fish strung out to dry make Batanes a virtual playground for photographers. Joy Jesena-Barcelon shares her shots of... Read More