Bolinao Shores

Fascinating sea creatures and dramatic rock formations abound in the beaches of Bolinao.

By Sunshine Selga-Funa
December 12, 2010

The pleasures of the beaches in Bolinao, Pangasinan alternate between quiet time spent contemplating the sea and its fauna, and the drama of waves crashing on the shore. Sunshine Selga-Funa shares some scenes capturing her own experience of the place.

Though it's not your usual powdery sand kind of beach, Bolinao has a charm of its own. The long eight- to nine-hour drive may seem daunting, but the province has surprises that await the patient traveler.

Bolinao boasts white sand beaches, the more famous of which is Cape Bolinao Beach in Patar (or simply the Patar White Beach); but if you're in for a rugged experience, the shoreline of Brgy. Ilog Malino is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy the sight of dramatic coastlines and critters in the gallery below.