Boracay Travel Guide

Boracay Travel Guide

Explore Boracay with ease, courtesy of our guides, tips, and recommendations.

5 things to do in boracay

Recommended Things to Do in Boracay If you love the beach, chances are you’ve already been to Boracay at least once. It is a tropical paradise with white sand beaches,... Read More

spotted: korean celebrities who have visited the philippines (part 2)

Aside from Manila, some of the provinces in the Philippines have been graced by the presence of Korean celebrities. That’s no surprise since we only have the best beach destinations... Read More

zoukout came and conquered

ZoukOut went all out for the first time outside of Singapore. After 16 years of being held exclusively in Singapore, this annual dance event found its way to the pristine... Read More

party with kaskade and other international acts in boracay!

For the first time in 19 years, Asian music fest ZoukOut brings the party outside of Singapore and right to the white sand shores of Boracay from April 29 to... Read More

unconventional ways to celebrate christmas

We’ve all celebrated Christmas the usual way — the whole family gets together to enjoy a sumptuous Noche Buena before the presents are opened, and Monito-Monitas are revealed. It’s traditional,... Read More

10 things i realized from boracay pubcrawl

A trip to Boracay won’t be complete unless you experience the bustling nightlife on the island. Here there will be fine sand under your feet, and no dress code will... Read More

10 beaches to visit in the philippines

The heat is on this month, and nothing says summer like some fun under the sun. Looking for a nice beach for swimming, surfing, or just hanging out? Here are... Read More

5 must-try cafés and restaurants in boracay

Boracay is an island destination where people go to relax, have fun, and party. Beyond the beach, bodies, and bars, this top tourist place has a lot more to offer,... Read More

7 nightspots around the philippines

Most areas in the Philippines are quite laid back, and in many towns, few establishments stay open past 9pm. However, there are a few destinations where there are areas that... Read More

women’s health celebrates 5th anniversary with beauty and the beach

Women’s Health magazine celebrated its 5th birthday in April with fun beauty and fitness-oriented activities under the Boracay sun. Entitled Beauty and the Beach, the event featured various workouts and... Read More

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