Cabongaoan Beach: How to Get There and How Much You’ll Spend

Here’s your guide to this pristine beach in Pangasinan

By Rhea J. Bernardino
June 22, 2017

The tranquil allure of Cabongaoan

Cabongaoan Beach
Photo by Herdrix Montesines

Planning for another beach trip with the gang? If you've already exhausted every beach resort in Batangas and Bataan, you may want to check out Pangasinan. It's also just one bus ride away from Metro Manila, and even though it's a bit farther, it has plenty of beautiful beaches that are worth the long trip.

Since Pangasinan is a rising destination for sun seekers, some of its beaches like Patar Beach in Bolinao and Hundred Islands in Alaminos tend to get crowded during weekends. But don’t fret, since a quiet vacation at the shores of the province of Pangasinan is still possible at Cabongaoan Beach.

Featuring stunning off-white sand and turquoise waters, Cabongaoan Beach is located in the town of Burgos in Pangasinan. It is largely undeveloped, with only a handful of accommodation options for travelers. With palm trees dotting its shores, it gives off a true tropical vibe for sun chasers.

This stunning beach may be slightly off the beaten path, but that's the beauty of it: one does not simply stumble upon its shores so you can expect that you won't be sharing the place with a lot of tourists.

How to get there

Photo by Kevin John Naval Mariano

Commuting to Cabongaoan Beach involves a lot of transfers, so make sure that you are prepared for the long travel time. From Cubao, hop on a bus bound to Alaminos, Pangasinan. Bus lines like Victory Liner, Five Star, and Solid North serve this route, with the trip usually taking about five to six hours. From Alaminos, ride another bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Zambales and ask to be dropped off in the town of Burgos. This adds another two hours to your travel time.

Once you're in Burgos, you can reach Cabongaoan Beach either via tricycle or jeepney. Take note that there is only one jeepney trip to Cabongaoan per day, and it's usually at 10:00 AM, so if you prefer this mode of transport, you might want to leave Manila early. Meanwhile, if you're traveling with a small group, a tricycle can fit up to three people. The road to Cabongaoan Beach is not yet paved so expect a bumpy ride that lasts about an hour long.

Beach bumming in Cabongaoan

Photo by Dean Ignacio

After the tedious eight-hour commute, you can now frolic on the shores of Cabongaoan Beach. Barkadas and solo travelers can enjoy a variety of activities at the beachfront. Swimming and snorkeling are, of course, a must-try. You can even do photo ops at the rock formations that you will find at the far end of the stretch of Cabongaoan Beach.

Cabongaoan's "Death Pool"

Photo by Dean Ignacio

Cabongaoan Beach has another feature that makes it a cut above the rest of Pangasinan's beaches: the so-called "Death Pool." This tidal pool on the rocky side of the beach gets filled with water when the waves crash against it. As scary as its name may sound, it's perfectly safe to dive in and float around in this natural pool. It tends to get deep, however, so if you can't swim or stay afloat, make sure to bring a life jacket.

Cabongaoan Beach Tips

  • Since the trip to Cabongaoan Beach is long and tedious, make sure that you are physically and mentally prepared for this adventure. It's best if you leave Metro Manila at dawn so you'll arrive early.

  • When you arrive at Burgos town, make sure to shop for food and supplies at the market. There are no restaurants at the beach so you'll have to settle with cooking your own food.

  • There are a few resorts at Cabongaoan Beach. If you’re looking for a place to stay, you may also want to check out the other resorts and hotels available in Pangasinan. Some of the resorts here offer very affordable rates.

  • Cabongaoan is secluded so expect cellular signals to be a bit spotty.

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