Must-Try Food Stalls in La Union’s Café Iluminada Food Garage

There is nothing more rewarding than a vacation spent with great views and a happy tummy.

By Rheinalee Casupanan
May 01, 2018

Something about the laidback vibe, the fresh breeze of the sea, and the exhilarating water activities in the coastal province of La Union will make you find yourself craving for satisfying treats you can't usually find in Manila. If your idea of an adventure involves pigging out on your favorite comfort foods and savory dishes, then Café Iluminada Food Garage in San Fernando, La Union should be your next stop.


The Concept

Before it was transformed into a food park last December 2017, Café Iluminada had been a restobar for six years. Growing up in a family of businessmen had helped Café Iluminada Food Garage owner Marlon Sagmit turn a unique concept to life and establish the first ever food park in the capital of La Union.

Visitors of Café Iluminada Food Garage are often in awe of the overall design of the place. With the help of his wife Kristie Sagmit, he revamped their garden and garage areas into a food park with a contemporary automotive theme. Once you see the façade, you will imagine yourself entering a traditional garage as you see their façade. The interiors of the food park were designed as if you’re walking on a race track, with chairs made out of water drums and tables with car wheels. You will also stumble upon street signs and walk along makeshift pedestrian lanes while you’re there. The entire place is an eye-candy, especially at night when the string lights and colorful stalls brighten up the food park. There’s also live music to entertain you as you enjoy the chill vibe in Elyu.


Food Stalls

Since Café Iluminada has close to 20 food stalls, choosing which treats to try can be a little tricky. We've scouted and tasted some of the dishes and here are some of the ones we recommend:

Café Iluminada Sizzling Plate

You’ll never go wrong with this favorite! Their Sizzling Pork Sisig with Egg (PHP 270.00) has always been Café Iluminada’s bestseller even during its days as a restobar.

John’s Good ol' Burger

Looking for a quick snack? Try John’s Good ol' Burger’s Sliders (PHP 126.00) and get bite-sized burger treats stacked with bacon, lettuce tomato, cheese, and bacon mushroom.

Grill Cas Stop

Hailed as one of the food park’s bestsellers, Grill Cas Stop serves Barbeque (PHP 25.00/each) best paired with a Cucumber Platter (PHP 98.00) for a beer binge with your barkada.

Chancho Loco

If you love Mexican food, you should definitely get yourself a Loco Platter (PHP 300.00) at Chanco Loco! This is another best-seller. Dig in their tacos and quesadilla and dare to eat their insanely hot dynamite sticks.

Gerry’s Shawarma

Get your shawarma fix when you order their Special Shawarma (PHP 75.00) at Gerry’s.

Kuya Jok’s

You should definitely order an Armageddon (PHP 185.00) and try their Smokey Barbeque Fries (PHP 80.00).


You can never go wrong with pizza. If you are looking for something to share with your family or friends, try Publito’s Ey Chix (PHP 289.00) and Tio Nardo (PHP 289.00) for a feast.


If you’ve already had too much of the appetizers, go ahead and fill your tummy with Sinigang na Bagnet (PHP 200.00). Locals and tourists alike find themselves going back to Café Iluminada Food Garage to try their favorite Filipino dishes.

Elyu Delights

Satisfy your sweet tooth and treat yourself with any of the following: Smoritos (PHP 90.00), Red Velvet Cupcake (PHP 55.00), Vanilla Cupcake (PHP 55.00), Oreo Cupcake (PHP 55.00), Camp Fire Cupcake (PHP 70.00).


If you love Korean food, you should try Omnomnom’s Beef Gimbap (PHP 89.00). This affordable treat gives you nine delicious rice rolls that you can share with friends or enjoy all for yourself.

Wing It

Who doesn’t love chicken wings? Choose among honey butter or garlic parmesan and order a Wings Platter (PHP 180.00)


You can pair your wings treat with extraordinary sodas offered at Liquizone. Choose among their carefully-crafted drinks like Italian Sodas (PHP 89.00/each), Frappe and Yogurt (PHP 99.00/each), or Milk Tea (PHP 99.00/each).


How to Get There

Located in the heart of San Fernando, Café Iluminada Food Garage is not that hard to reach . If you’re driving to the food park, get on the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and take the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). Keep right at the fork and follow signs for the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX). Then, take the McArthur Highway until you reach the P. Burgos Street in San Fernando. Café Iluminada is located within Barangay Tanqui.


Café Iluminada Food Garage is open from 4PM to 12MN everyday.