Century City Mall’s Hole in the Wall is a Haven for Foodies

Ready your appetite for a trip to this "posh" food hall.

By Rhea J. Bernardino
November 11, 2016

One of the major draws of the classy Century City Mall in Makati can be found on the fourth floor. Its resident food hall, Hole in the Wall, is home to a variety of good eats that foodies can enjoy for lunch and dinner.

Hole in the Wall can be easily accessed through the mall's escalators. As you find yourself facing its façade, you will be greeted by its rustic design. The entrance towards the establishment is literally a "hole in the wall" framed by black metal.

If the outside of Hole in the Wall is rustic, its interiors are a mishmash of rustic and industrial. There are all sorts of urban art decorating its walls, making the food hall a truly Instagram-worthy place.

There is also plenty of seating; Hole in the Wall can accommodate up to 500 seated diners.

If you're ready to get your grub on, here are some of the popular establishments at Hole in the Wall that are highly recommended:


Bad Bird's umami fried chicken is a fresh and savory take on this favorite comfort food. Their chicken plates with two pieces of umami chicken range from PHP 320.00 to PHP 350.00, and you can choose among their Corn and Coleslaw Plate, Dirty Rice Plate, and Waffle Plate. They also have plenty of side dish offerings that you can add to your fried chicken meal.


With its simple menu, The Beef offers simple yet honest-to-goodness delicious burgers for meat lovers. Choose between their hamburger (PHP 295.00) and cheeseburger (PHP 325.00) which you can pair with fries.


Posporo offers Fil-Mex fusion cuisine. For Mexican food lovers, they have burritos (PHP 280.00), tacos (PHP 95.00 to PHP 275.00), nachos (PHP 150.00 to PHP 375.00), and quesadillas (PHP 250.00). Meanwhile, customers can choose their main meat dish for their rice plates (PHP 260.00). Adobo, chicken inasal, and sisig are some of the choices, all of which are cooked with a unique twist.


For dessert, there are delectable cookies perfect for your sweet tooth at Scout's Honor. They have various creations but you can also create your own concoction. Their cookies are best eaten with a bottle of their craft milk.


Indulge yourself with Green Cheese's delicious Japanese cheesecakes that come in original, matcha/chocolate, and matcha mousse flavors! A single slice ranges from PHP 50.00 to PHP 120.00, while a whole cheesecake will set you back from PHP 350.00 to PHP 880.00. Aside from their cute and fluffy cakes, they also have other desserts like lava cakes as well as a drinks menu which include coffees, smoothies, and teas.

Aside from these establishments, you should also visit Mister Delicious for their hearty sandwiches and smoked meat, Serious Dough for pizzas with extraordinary toppings, Liberation Shawarma for shawarmas and other Middle Eastern food, Garde Manger for healthy salads and juices, Smoky Bastard for some craft beers, and Milk Trade for their Hong Kong-style steamed milk and milk tea.

So if you find yourself hungry for something new, head to the fourth floor of Century City Mall and have a gastronomical feast at Hole in the Wall.

Hole in the Wall Operating Hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 11 AM to 11 PM
Friday to Saturday: 11 AM to 1 AM
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