Cozy Cafe Series: House of Geek

Food and games—what more could you ask for?

By Mathew S. Chan
August 16, 2016

house of geek entrance

Even with the popularity of the internet, mobile games, and social media, it’s amazing to see a rise in the number of board game cafés in the country. Maybe it’s just a fad, this generation’s penchant for all things throwback, or the need to look for a chill hangout place for the gang. But for the group of friends behind House of Geek, it simply started with a cool idea one game night.

house of geek games

Return of the board games
Like an adventure in a fantasy world, House of Geek started off as a plan among friends—a ragtag group of Dungeon and Dragons (DnD) players who eventually grew up to deal with the real world. While drinking and playing DnD one night, they realized that they have enough games to start a café—and the idea soon became a reality.

House of Geek opened along Matalino Street, Quezon City, in 2015. Though it is smaller than most board game cafés, House of Geek sees its share of foot traffic and can get pretty packed especially on weekends. For only PHP 150.00, you can already enjoy two to three hours of fun.

house of geek cards against humanity

Their most played games include Avalon, Cards against Humanity, Splendor, Telestrations, and Kragmortha. Playing Avalon or Cards against Humanity with your friends will really test your friendship and how much you know each other. You can go for hours without end even with just playing one game.

Even if you’re on your own, House of Geek is still the place for you. The members of the staff are courteous, engaging, and will gamely (pun intended) play with you if you want. They will also guide you about the rules and how to play each game. If you’re looking for a place to chill or have always wanted to check out a board game café, you’re absolutely welcome at House of Geek.

house of geek food

Hunger and games
Besides the games, another huge highlight of House of Geek is their tasty and affordable food. While other similar cafes let the games be the focal point and just leave the food as something less to be desired with, the menu of House of Geek is basically what the owners love to eat: simple but great-tasting grub that goes well with beer.

house of geek waffle sandwich

House of Geek serves their signature waffle sandwiches that really separate them from the rest. The waffles are cooked to a perfect, crunchy and chewy perfection and go well with the filling. Two of the favorites include the Italian (with salami, pepperoni, bell peppers, cheese, basil and Thousand Island dressing) and the Ranch (with bacon, egg, ham, tomatoes, onions, and ranch dressing). Other recommendations to try are chicken parmesan and guild sausage and fries.

house of geek drinks

If you aren’t a sandwich person, they also have pasta: their must-tries are pesto pasta and the meat and cheese, which is classic spaghetti with cheesy meatballs. To quench your thirst from all the good food, they have great shakes like The Wall, an Oreo shake concoction and choco Kaiju, their version of the milo monster.

house of geek camel up

Bring back the good ol’ days
House of Geek can bring back anyone to the time when mobile phones and the internet didn’t exist and kids only had board games and toys to make the most out of a rainy day. If you and your friends would like to try something else other than the usual night out, House of Geek would be more than willing to host your weekly game nights (a lot of barkadas have already started).

house of geek group pic

House of Geek is located at #24 Matalino Street, Diliman, Quezon City.
For more information, check out their Facebook and Instagram.