Cozy Cafe Series: Tweedle Book Café

When the rain pours, let Tweedle be your book haven.

By Mathew S. Chan
August 11, 2016

Tweedle Book Cafe  Sign 2

Ah yes, the rainy season—it’s that time of the year again when the so-called bed weather would almost always try to lure you back to sleep, and college students and young professionals complain about being seen as waterproof by the government.

But just like the warm days of summer, the rainy season is meant to be enjoyed. And for that perfect place that compliments the gloomy weather and turns it into something more, look no further than Tweedle Book Café, located at 106B, Sct. Gandia, Quezon City.

Situated near the vibrant road of Tomas Morato, Tweedle Book Café is much like platform 9 ¾ in the Harry Potter series: a magical space amongst the busy and noisy city. Once you enter, you’ll be bewildered and amazed that such a place can even thrive and exist.

Tweedle Book Cafe  Books

Started with a dream library
Tweedle Book Café was established by booklover Jamie Perez-Ong and her husband, Benjamin Ong. Though Benjamin is heavily involved with the establishment, he always points to Jamie as the mastermind of this blissful abyss.

Tweedle Book Café stemmed from Jamie’s long-time dream of opening a free public library where anyone, especially kids, can go to read and learn. As she was growing up, she would set aside money from her allowance to help fund her dream. But as Jamie got older, she slowly realized that it would take more than just saving a few pennies to open her library, so she shelved the plan as she established her career.

Years later, while working at a media agency, Jamie started to feel like she wanted to do more with her life—something that she could call her own. Soon, she was planning about opening the library but mixed with her love for chocolate this time. When Tweedle Book Café was born, everything just fell into place as it hit the ground running and has become a force to be reckoned with in the café scene.

Tweedle Book Cafe Drinks

Feast for a reader
When Tweedle Book Café opened in 2014, they didn’t have any food on the menu. It was supposed to be just books and coffee (though Jamie has always said that it’s books above everything else). Her love for chocolate influenced the bulk of the offerings as Tweedle serves a selection of chocolate drinks made with high-quality Philippine cacao. Most of their concoctions are also not sweetened as Jamie isn’t a fan of sugary drinks. Their tea is by Singapore-based TWG since they want to serve sophisticated flavors that most people are not exposed to.

Tweedle Book Cafe Food

As time passed, their menu evolved and they started adding food but with the readers still in mind. Best sellers and favorites include pinakurat pork (pork belly bites drizzled with pinakurat vinegar and paired with binagoongang ensalada) that tries to evoke a relaxing beachside feel, pesto ala carbonara (creamy pesto with pepperoni) which is comfort in a bowl, and their latest dish, bacon cheeseburger (made with pure wagyu beef and served with a side of chips) that is simply indulgence in every bite, like you are transported to a new world, much like in a book.

Tweedle Book Café’s menu aims to mimic the feeling of reading a new book: something new at first but delightful and exciting after you’ve had a taste. Each dish is scrumptious and gets better with every bite, just like being engrossed in a page-turner.

Tweedle Book Cafe Books 2

Safe haven
Tweedle Book Café is the type of place where you want to read that much-awaited bestseller or that book you’ve been eyeing for a long time. Imagine entering a bookstore or library but you’re welcomed with the scent of fresh cocoa instead of musty old paper. It is a nook in itself in the middle of the city that exudes the homelike atmosphere that bookworms can always look forward to. Even if you’re not fond of reading, you can find a spot in Tweedle Book Café where you can work in peace or spend a few moments in solitude after a long rainy day.

A lot of the books on the shelves of Tweedle Book Café came from the couple’s private collection. They also purchased a lot of great titles to cater to the varied interests of their customers. Some were even donated by patrons and friends alike, so if you have a book you’d like to share, feel free to leave it at the café for someone to discover.

Tweedle Book Café is open from 12NN to 12MN
For more information, check out their Facebook Page here.