Danao: Bohol’s Wild Side

There is more to Bohol than beaches and the Chocolate Hills. In Danao, extreme experiences await the adventurous traveler.

By Christopher Ross Yambao
December 21, 2011

Bohol has always been one of the country's premier destinations, famous for picturesque landscapes like the Chocolate Hills, as well as beaches of the finest sand, as can be found  along the stretch of Panglao Island. As any visitor will tell you, Bohol is a place to relax the mind and the senses.

Unfortunately, people are missing a lot by just sticking to the beach and known landscapes. Hidden from the main places of attraction is Danao, a place for more adventurous travelers. A solid two hour drive from Tagbilaran is Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour or E.A.T (Danao, the adrenaline junkie's best  friend. One of the best activities there is called "The Plunge," where you freefall 45 meters from a 200 meter cliff, swinging back and forth until the momentum stops. I think it's one of the best rides ever invented. Another plus to this ride is that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, that is, if you don't mind viewing it while you have your heart stuck in your throat at the same time. For me, the scariest part is when you are being reeled back up, as your feet are constantly searching for something solid to plant themselves on.

Photo by Chris Yambao and Cyril Libunao

Aside from "The Plunge", my friends and I also tried caving at Kamira Cave. We took the easy 2-hour route since some of my friends were new to this activity. If you want to try this, be ready to acquire some bumps and bruises along the way. Proper attire is important to avoid injuries, and always follow your tour guide to prevent accidents.  You have to climb into the cave using a giant tree root to get to its mouth. A lot of the time, the terrain will require you to traverse shallow waters, crawl through small passages, and climb up and down passages to reach the end. It is a one way cave, so you will have to go back the way you came to get out. The activity is quite tiring but enjoyable, and after the experience, we decided to come back again soon and try the hard route.

There are others activities available at E.A.T Danao such as the ziplet, sky ride, suislide, river trekking, river tubing, kayaking, wall climbing, root climbing and rappelling. Those who just want to enjoy the outdoors can try less adrenaline-inducing activities such as the village tour, organic farm visit, and camping.

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