Destressing in Davao

An adventure-filled trip with zipline rides and educational close encounters with nature helps this group of pre-school teachers unwind.

By Kam Cudia
December 02, 2010

To get away from the demands of life handling pre-school kids every day, Kam Cudia and her co-teachers plan an educational—and adventurous—trip to Davao City.

I work as a pre-school teacher. To escape the stress that we teachers experience every day (imagine it!), my colleagues and I planned a 3-day vacation to Davao City to unwind.

crop_davao_eagle_kam_cudia.jpgDavao City is located in Mindanao, in the southern part of the Philippines. It took us an hour-and-a-half plane ride from Manila to get there. Like the teachers we were, we prepared an itinerary beforehand, so that when we got there, we would already know what to do and where to go. Since we were all educators, we wanted this trip to be an adventure and an educational experience at the same time, so that we could actually try out and relate to the things that we'd been teaching our kids.

Field Trip


First we went to the famous Philippine Eagle Center to have a close encounter with the Philippine Eagles; next we visited Eden Nature Park & Resort to see the breathtaking views and try the famous Skyrider; then we were off to the Davao Crocodile Park to experience feeding these huge reptiles; and finally we went to Samal Island to relax on the beach at the impressively-named Paradise Island and Beach Resort.

For accommodations, we heavily considered our budget while looking for and booking our hotel, which is why we chose the Bagobo Lodge, which is five minutes away from the Mt. Apo Viewsite Hotel. Bagobo Lodge has nice and clean rooms at low rates. We figured we would only need cheap rooms because we'd be staying out—literally—the entire day anyway. We needn't have worried about quality, though—while their price is affordable, the lodge proved to have good service, clean bathrooms, and a good supply of water. The location was also very convenient because ATMs, parlors, grocery stores, market, and famous fast food chains were all just in front of the lodge.

To get around, we also arranged for a van rental, since this was a cheaper way to make the stops on our itinerary accessible and fun to visit (there were a lot of us, which helped spread the cost). We relied on the help of our hotel attendants for this, and found it was really worth it!

This vacation really helped us to unwind and detox ourselves from the stress of school and living in the city the whole year round. Our group is planning once again to return early next year—or perhaps go somewhere new—for another exciting vacation.