Diving Puerto Galera

Huge schools, challenging currents, and interesting wrecks abound in this popular Mindoro dive destination.

By Jayvee Fernandez
November 30, 2010

Puerto Galera is an accessible dive destination that will keep both novice and experienced divers entertained. Blogger, dive enthusiast, and underwater imager Jayvee Fernandez tells us what to expect and shares a few scenes from his Puerto Galera wreck dives.

Known as the "poor man's Boracay" there's nothing poor about Puerto Galera's diving scene. This is where divers from the Philippines go to "grow up" from Anilao. Bigger fish, stronger currents, and wrecks are the main highlights of the island.

Puerto Galera is home to the Canyons, considered one of the world's most amazing dive sites. Prepare for a negative entry as the current sweeps you away at 30 miles per hour. All you need to do is sit back and relax as you drift along three canyons where sharks and monster jacks abound.

If you'd rather try something that's not as action-packed, you can always explore the wrecks of Alma Jane and the boat trio of Sabang. Schools of huge batfish, yellow tails, and groupers mixed with the macro life of crabs and shrimps occupying scuttled fishing boats make for some of the most exciting dives in the area.