Full service dive resort in Malapascua, Cebu with accommodations and a colorful bar

Evolution is a full service dive resort that has a five star dive center and a lively house bar, The Craic House.


  • Malapascua Island, Daanbantayan, Cebu
  • Located on Bounty Beach of Malapascua Island, a small tropical island off the north tip of Cebu
  • Approximately 4 hours away from Cebu's International Airport, including a boat ride and a drive to the resort proper
  • Malapascua Island is a vibrant community that remains rural despite growing interest in tourism; it is most known for its dive sites, particularly the Monad Shoal, where thresher sharks converge
Ideal for:
Photo Courtesy of Evolution
  • Diving enthusiasts, beach bums, and island lovers
  • Small groups of friends, families, and couples who find the relative seclusion and rawness of Malapascua appealing
  • Makes a good base for divers availing of Evolution's dive shop services


  • A small but growing resort, with currently just four rooms in their inventory
  • Rustic and traditional cottages that suit the untouched feel of Malapascua
  • Huts use a lot of native materials such as nipa and kawayan
  • Overall feel is that of a laidback tropical escape
  • The resort currently has four rooms on site which can be rented as AC (airconditioned) or fan
  • Rooms have two beds, a private balcony, and en suite bathroom
  • The resort plans to offer ten more rooms within the next 18 months  
Photo Courtesy of Evolution
  • The Craic House, an onsite bar and restaurant that serves authentic Irish food
  • Complimentary WiFi access
  • TDI Five Star Instructor Training Facility that offers of PADI and SDI recreational courses and all TDI Technical Courses
  • Two Bauer Compressors in a customized compressor room, a nitrox blending station, extensive high quality rental gear for recreational and technical divers, and an array of tanks to suit all needs
  • Spacious pump boats
  • Sun loungers, umbrellas, and all day bar service
  • Snorkeling equipment rental
  • In-room or by-the-beach massage services
  • Transportation arrangements for arrival and departure