Falling in Love with Ilocos Norte

The olden-day atmosphere, otherworldly sights, and local food specialties of the province make a lasting impression.

By Denise J. Mallabo
September 05, 2011

I had never been to Ilocos Norte, so when the opportunity arose for me to finally pay the province a visit, there was only one thing to say, and that was ‘yes.'

Ilocos Norte, without including the stops, is a 12-hour drive up north from Manila, so if you enjoy long rides, especially with the company of good friends and good car tunes, this road trip is perfect for you. If you do not have the luxury of driving that long, you can always take the plane. You will be spoiled for choice, as there are several airlines that fly between Manila and Laoag, the provincial capital. I fell in love with Ilocos Norte because of its very well preserved sense of history, its postcard perfect view, and its incredibly good food (especially the food). If my words don't entice you to check out this enchanting province for yourself, I hope that at least my photos will.