Food Trip: Crocodile Sisig and “Bird’s Nest”

The Chosen Juan goes exotic and so much more in a famous restaurant in Coron.

By Dave Agbayani
May 16, 2016


Probably the most visited and most searched for restaurant in Coron, Palawan, is Kawayanan Grill Station. It was launched by a group of friends, headed by Rommel Talamor and Michelle Fabian who interestingly are not from Palawan. They saw the potential in starting up a seafood restaurant in the province, and for almost eight years now, Kawayanan Grill Station has been gaining praises from satisfied travelers and tourists. Here are four reasons why adventurers just keep coming back for more.

1. Exotic food
One of the main reasons why Kawayanan Grill Station rose to fame is because of its menu of exotic dishes. In fact, one of their best-sellers is no other than the Crocodile Sisig, which surprisingly delighted my taste buds. With real crocodile meat and the spicy kick from chilies, the Crocodile Sisig is definitely a must-try. To compliment the spiciness of the dish, I would recommend the Bird’s Nest or Nido Soup, another of their best-sellers. Believe it or not, this soup is made from the saliva of the bird balinsasayaw, or the edible-nest swiftlet. Why people make soup from the saliva of a bird—I do not know. What I do know is that the creamy broth with the chunks of the bird’s saliva (yum) was surprisingly delectable. There are other unusual dishes that I’m sure you would enjoy in Kawayanan Grill Station—it wouldn't earn the title “The No. 1 Exotic Restaurant in Coron” for nothing.

2. Free Karaoke & Billiards
The restaurant also has its own gimmicks. Considering our penchant for singing, the managers came up with a Karaoke Room, which you can use for free. If you’re the type who just can’t sing a song, let alone in front of crowd, then there’s the Billiards Room, which you can also use for free. If you’re too shy to play, maybe you just need a little more push (pun intended).

3. White Party
Aside from the delectable food and choices for entertainment, Kawayanan also holds an annual event called the White Party. Every third week of March, guests are encouraged to wear white, dance to the DJ’s funky beats, and mingle with as many people as possible. Who knows, with the restaurant’s 300-person capacity, Mr. or Ms. Right just might one of those persons in white.

4. Filipino Factor
Palawan has been one of the top destinations for international tourists, and almost every foreigner that I interacted with was always looking for something that’s authentically Filipino to complete their tropical vacation. Kawayanan offers just that. The restaurant’s booths and fences are made of bamboo or kawayan (where the restaurant was named after) which resemble the kubo, or the traditional Filipino houses. The ambiance, coupled with authentic local dishes, makes Kawayanan a true Filipino restaurant that you ought to try when you visit Coron.