Why Glamping is Fun at BLOC Camp Site

Explore, experience, and enjoy nature with the convenience of your home at this impressive camp site

By Mathew S. Chan
December 19, 2016


GLAMPING comes from the words glamour and camping. It is basically camping with a twist of luxury! You get to enjoy nature while staying in giant tents with comfortable beds and amenities that make you feel as if you’re at home or even in a hotel. With some glamping sites having solar-powered fans in their tents, others go as far as having air-conditioning units installed. Now isn't that glamorous?


If glamping seems to be your cup of tea, then BLOC Camp Site is for you! Located in Cavinti, Laguna, it is only about a three-hour trip from Metro Manila. The BLOC Camp Site offers a whole new way to enjoy the great outdoors.
You have the distinctive option on how you would want to enjoy your very own GLAMPING: You can go fishing, boating and swimming in the lake with friends, have a romantic date with your special someone at their unique floating garden dock, experience a bonfire bonding, have boodle-fight picnic or just rest and leisurely lounge in your tent at daytime and in the evening lie on the grass and marvel at the beautiful night sky for an amazing star-gazing. And a whole lot more!


Perfect for GLAMPING
BLOC Camp Site has several small and large tents that can accommodate anywhere from two to a dozen people. These colorful tents are spacious and comfortable, yet so cozy that you can just rest and relax in their artistically themed interiors. You can either choose a lakeside tent where you can enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature or a covered tent for a more secured or private camping.


Aside from the tents, BLOC Camp Site has another accommodation option which is the "Kubo-tel." It is a uniquely designed "bahay kubo" or native Filipino house made from local materials like bamboo and nipa. It can lodge from two to three persons.


BLOC Camp Site has the basic facilities for toilet and shower, as well as a cooking station for cooking or grilling your own food. As a special treat, you may pre-order your breakfast meals which will be served at your camp site. The BLOC Camp Café serves the freshest and so deliciously mouth-watering catch of fish local to the area. A must try is their rare specialty and campers’ favorite, the American Black Bass! However, meal arrangements have to be also made in advance.


Nearby Attractions
For those who wish to have more of their getaway adventure, there are several other attractions that you can check out around the area. You can head to the Pueblo El Salvador Eco Park and from there navigate the vertical trek to Cavinti (Pagsanjan) Falls. The Japanese Garden and Bumbungan River Eco-Park are nice picnic places. There are several other falls in the area to explore like Hulugan Falls, Calminaue Falls, Sumacab Twin Falls, and Taytay (Majayjay) Falls.


Other alternative activities include the very simple and laidback Lake-Island-Hopping Boat Tour with an option to side trip to the Secret River where you can enjoy cliff-diving. Extreme adventurers can rent ATV’s or 4 x 4 off-road vehicles to explore and experience the Cavinti Underground River and Cave Complex.
With the abundance of things to do at BLOC Camp Site, there will never be a dull moment as you enjoy and experience the beautiful, natural wonders in the area.


And at the end of the day, you can rest, relax and doze-off to a blissful sleep with a smile on your face in your comfortable air bed in your cozy, homey tent and get lost in your colorful dreams...
Now that’s GLAMPING!