Juanderlust: Global Travel Contest to Take Winner Around PH in 80 Days

Get the chance to win an 80-day all-expense paid trip around the Philippines with Juanderlust.

By Mathew S. Chan
August 14, 2015


TravelBook.ph and StopSleepGo.com officially launched Juanderlust, an online global competition in search of the Chosen Juan tasked to travel around the Philippines and experience 80 wonders in 80 days, on August 12, 2015. Registration began at 6PM and the event kickstarted at 6:45PM. The event presented what Juanderlust is all about along with the mechanics for signing up.

Juanderlust is a contest open to everyone worldwide. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply no matter what their race, religion, age, or nationality (although foreigners must have a valid passport to travel to the Philippines next year). From all the entries, 100 Hopeful Ones will be chosen. Before the end of the year, they will be trimmed down to the final 10. The Chosen Juan will be announced on January 2, 2016. His or her journey begins on the second week of January and ends in March. All applicants need to do to join is answer a short question in words and video.

A big highlight of the event was the short Q&A with the heads of the competition, including both CEOs of TravelBook.ph and StopSleepGo.com. The panel was asked questions such as if there was an age limit to the contest (anyone 18 and over can apply) and whether or not celebrities can join (they can as long their management will allow them to travel for three months). One of the most interesting questions came from MensHealth.com, asking what the potential Chosen Juan should be doing now in preparation for everything. The panel answered that aside from getting into shape and improving their physical fitness, it’s all about psychologically preparing yourself for the long journey and trying to get through all the stages and tasks at hand.

So if you are open-minded, willing to take risks, and enjoy traveling around the Philippines, this contest is for you. Signups for Juanderlust are open until November 15, 2015. Participants just need to visit https://www.travelbook.ph/juanderlust, fill out the application form, and submit a brief answer to the question “Why should you be the Chosen Juan?” in text and video format. The final winner will be announced on January 2, 2016.

Juanderlust is the brainchild of two accommodation booking sites, TravelBook.ph and StopSleepGo.com.

TravelBook.ph is a hotel booking site that began in 2010 as the largest online catalog of Philippine hotels and resorts. Since becoming an online hotel booking service in 2013, TravelBook.ph has gained over 1,500 hotel and resort partners from all over the Philippines. The company’s aim is to help every Filipino travel more with value for money accommodations in every corner of the country.

StopSleepGo.com is an online vacation accommodation service, providing varied and unique places globally for the travelers' convenience. The company’s goal is to encourage people from all over the world to list and rent out their properties to travelers, helping locals earn extra income while providing travelers with accommodations for every occasion.

Juanderlust is co-presented by GetGo, the official rewards program of Cebu Pacific, earn points every time you fly.

Juanderlust’s partner is GlassesOnline.