How to Convince a Non-Traveler to Travel

An easy guide to get your stubborn friends to go on a trip with you

By Mathew S. Chan
September 28, 2015


If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably already know the joys and thrills travel has to offer. That’s why it can be quite frustrating when you want to travel with someone, but they don’t seem to be into it. If you need help convincing someone to travel with you, read on for some simple yet effective tips.

1. Lure them with food.
If you know your friends love to eat, it’s best to use this interest against them. Show them photos of all the scrumptious food you’ll be able to chow down if you guys will travel to said place. You can never go wrong with food; it’s just about picking the right dishes to entice your friends.

2. Tempt them with a transnational love affair.
If your friends are single, exploit their inner romantic. Talk about how they might be limiting themselves by staying wherever they are now and how you’ve met some interesting people on your travels. Tell them tales about epic love affairs abroad. If all else fails, take pictures of hot foreigners on your next trip and show them.

3. Suggest other modes of transport.
One reason your friend might not want to travel is that they might be afraid to ride a plane. That doesn’t hinder you from traveling together because there are other modes of transportation you can use. You can go on different kinds of fun journeys like a cruise or a road trip.

4. Plan a budget trip.
If your friend is worried about money and budget concerns, why not plan the trip yourself? If you’re a frequent traveler, then you know all the tips and tricks for planning a great trip for less. If you are able to pull off a truly great budget escapade, your friend will surely be lured into traveling more with you.

5. Thrill them with adventure.
If you live in a relatively quiet and uneventful place with your friend, dig into their sense of adventure. Sometimes one reason why people don’t want to travel is because they are comfortable where they are. Take the initiative to show them the world and the whimsy and excitement your hometown might not be able to offer. Use their deep-rooted interest and relate it traveling, and they will surely jump on the next plane with you.