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Overview Ilocos Norte is a province of historic sites and natural attractions. For history and culture buffs, there are grand colonial churches, lonely watchtowers and lighthouses, and a presidential... Read More

falling in love with ilocos norte

I had never been to Ilocos Norte, so when the opportunity arose for me to finally pay the province a visit, there was only one thing to say, and that... Read More

kapuluan vista resort : ilocos norte’s open secret

One of the best kept secrets from our province of Ilocos Norte is the very well hidden Kapuluan Vista Resort. This little gem that has only recently been gaining popularity... Read More

party up north: the many festivals of ilocos norte

Ilocanos know how to party. You can tell by the amount of fiestas we have. Here’s a rundown of some-yes, there are more than this-of the festival celebrated in Ilocos... Read More

how ilocos norte and sur came to be

A lot of people ask me why the Ilocos provinces are separated into Norte and Sur. I tell them that it wasn’t always this way. A part of the reason... Read More

ilocano personalities

When I was asked to write this particular entry, I really had to think. There are a lot of obvious Ilocanos to write about, but since I’m trying to take... Read More

sites of the marcos legacy in ilocos norte

Mention the name Ilocos Norte and most of the time, the first thing that will come to Filipinos’ minds is ‘presidential hometown.’ While the province boasts many natural and man-made wonders,... Read More

shopping in ilocos norte

Most people think that, unless we’re talking produce and meat and things of that sort, there isn’t really that much shopping to be had in Ilocos Norte. That’s probably because... Read More

what to do in ilocos norte

There are many things to do in Ilocos Norte. The province, once a Spanish stronghold, boasts a number of heritage sites, including the world-famous Paoay Church, which is one of... Read More

ilocos norte: proud of pork

Ilocanos are known for being the reserved people of the north. This has also been the case with their food, with pinakbet—at one point the most known Ilocano recipe in... Read More

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