Juanderlust Declares the Chosen Juan: Dave Agbayani

Congratulations on becoming the Chosen Juan!

By Mathew S. Chan
February 16, 2016


Who would believe that it’s been about six months since Juanderlust launched? After screening thousands of entries, we’ve finally found the Chosen Juan.

After an intense deliberation among our 8 judges—Nick Hargreaves (CEO, StopSleepGo), Allan Florendo (Cebu Pacific Director for Marketing and Distribution, Loyalty Division), Myrza Sison (Editorial Director of Cosmopolitan, Spot.ph, and Summit Media), Joanna Manalastas (Editor-in-Chief, Spot.ph), Alex Lagman (Digital Media Solutions Content Producer, Pioneer Insurance), Theresa Padillo (Head of Content, StopSleepGo), Cheena Abellon (Head of Marketing, TravelBook.ph), and John Ray Lomugdang (Head of Business Planning, TravelBook.ph)—we are proud to announce that Dave Agbayani from the Philippines has been named the Chosen Juan!

As the Chosen Juan, Dave will travel around the Philippines for 80 days straight, all-expenses paid, starting March 4, 2016. All of Dave's flights around the Philippines will be booked through Cebu Pacific using GetGo points. He will receive a Pioneer Travel Buddy Adventure Insurance Plan, which will cover his 80 days of travel, as well as a Travel Light Worldwide Insurance Plan. As a special reward for making the top 9, Potpot Pinili, Sabu Buluhan, Mark Garcia, Valarie Bautista, Ingrid Nieto, Xenia Saldivar, Jonas Roque, Kimberly Ng, and Brian Jaggard will each receive a Pioneer Travel Buddy Adventure Insurance* package, which will cover them for 30 months of travel.

Dave will be going on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure from exploring the tip of Luzon all the way to the lush beautiful sights of Mindanao—and everything else in between. Stay tuned for more updates!

To follow Dave’s upcoming adventures around the Philippines, head to www.travelbook.ph/juanderlust.

You can also check out his audition video below:

*Only applicable to Filipino citizens and may be transferred to a different family member who is a Filipino citizen.