June Festivals 2012

The rainy days of June usher in festivities to celebrate bountiful harvests, commemorative baptismal rites, and the country’s Independence Day.

June is the month when we break out our umbrellas and raincoats due to incessant rains and thunderstorms, but it's also the month when we celebrate some of the most festive-and season-appropriate-occasions in the Filipino tradition. Rain or shine, we Filipinos take time to relive old traditions and practice the customs passed down to us by our ancestors.

The start of the rainy season sees many provinces celebrating bountiful harvests and paying homage to their key agricultural products. Celebrants also get wet and wild as Catholic communities vigorously reenacting baptisms to celebrate St. John the Baptist's feast day. Finally, Pinoy Pride peaks this month as we commemorate the life of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

Whether you're in it for good food or just want to have an adventure, check out the list below for the fiestas you can look forward to during the rainy days of June. 

Linggo ng Zamboanga Del Norte and Sardines and Mango Festival
June 1- June 6 | Dipolog City

This week long celebration in Zamboanga highlights the locality's prime products and agro-industrial opportunities in the region. Rice, mango, sardines, and bagoong are served to locals and tourists to give them a taste of the Zamboanga del Norte flavor. Zamboanguenos showcase their talents through concerts, beauty pageants, cultural shows, and street dancing.

Camotes Cassava Festival
June 8 14 | Tudela, Camotes Island

As a way of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest, locals parade their unique cassava creations and demonstrate different preparation techniques in processing cassava-based products. Colorful booths displaying cassava products will be a sight to see in Tudela, Camotes Island.

Carrera Habagat
June 8- June 12 | Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte

The biggest four-day adventure race in the country is held in Siargao, Surigao del Norte this year. This competition is not for the weak, as rigorous activities await the participants. Trekking, trail running, kayaking, mountain biking, swimming, rappelling and orienteering are just some of the activities involved in the race.

Independence Day
June 12 | Cavite, Manila, and other historical site, (nationwide)

Go back in time and relive the historic proclamation of our independence at President Emilio Aguinaldo's mansion in Cavite. This milestone will be celebrated all throughout the country through re-enactments, luncheons, anticipated mass and street presentations.

Pineapple/Pinyasan Festival
June 15- June 23 | Camarines Norte

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Find out what else you can do with a pineapple at the Pinyasan Festival in Camarines Norte.  Locals come together to honor their favorite fruit by showcasing pineapple products in art exhibits and trade fairs. Colorful street presentations prepared by Bicolanos keep the city looking alive and vibrant.

Rizal Day
June 19 | Calamba, Laguna

Calamba townsfolk commemorate the birthday of National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal, by offering flowers at the Rizal Shrine. All around the country, Filipinos pay tribute as well to the man who fought for the country's independence and died a martyr at the hands of the Spaniards. Manila residents visit Rizal's monument in Manila to pay their respects to the late hero.

Oyange Kaugman Festival
June 20- June 29 | Polangui, Albay

The term Oyankge Kaugman is derived from a name of a tree that is abundant in the locality of Polangui, Albay. Locals troop to the streets to witness magnificent street presentations and to catch a glimpse of bicolanas in beauty pageants.

Feast of St. John the Baptist / Lechon Fetival
June 24 | Mindoro Oriental

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Hundreds of lechon dressed in creative costumes are paraded across the town in celebration of St. John the Baptist's feast day. During the parade, it is a customary practice for devotees to splash water on each other as a way of re-enacting St. John's baptism of Christ. This merriment is a daylong activity that usually ends in people feasting on lechon and other local Mindoro dishes.

Wattah! Wattah! San Juan Fiesta
June 24 | San Juan City

To honor to their patron saint, it is a yearly tradition of residents to participate in vigorous street dancing while splashing water on each other along the busy streets of San Juan City in Metro Manila. People on balconies can be seen pouring water on those below them before inviting them to come up to eat. At night, locals and visitors from other cities can catch a concert of local artists at the city plaza.

Pintados Festival
June 29 | Tacloban City, Leyte

Pintados were warriors during the early times that defended the townsfolk from conquerors and settlers. As tribute to their local heroes, residents paint their whole bodies and parade in the street wearing colorful skins while performing for the crowd. Every group has their own unique theme that usually speaks about caring for Mother Nature.