Killer Selfie: 5 Ways It’s More Dangerous than a Shark Attack

Learn about some really ridiculous ways selfies can lead to your death.

By Mathew S. Chan
September 23, 2015


Selfies have become so common that smartphones and cameras are now optimized to help take these types of photos better. They’re a great way to document precious memories, but now that selfies are taken just about anywhere, they’ve also become a cause of death. In a report by, they state that “[t]here have been twelve recorded selfie deaths in 2015 so far, compared to eight people dying because of shark attacks.” TravelBook has compiled several situations where a reckless selfie could take your life. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Selfie Off a Cliff
Climbing to the peak of a mountain or reaching the top of a particularly high building is a great achievement. The scenery that comes with it is even more amazing, so it’s only natural that you would want to take a selfie. But don’t be so reckless as to stand on the edge just to take a death-defying selfie because the last picture on your camera roll could be an image of you plunging down to your death.

2. Selfie into Traffic
There’s a reason why they prohibit the use of cell phones while you drive, and that includes taking selfies. It’s fine if you are in gridlock traffic and there’s basically no room for accidents if you do take your hand off the wheel (but even if you can, don’t do it because you’re still driving!). If you’re on the open road, though, and you see something you find worthy of taking a selfie with, don’t keep driving while using your phone camera because you’ll cause an accident. Either stop and get the photo or just keep going. Not every small thing is worth a photo. You’ll save yourself some space on your phone, and you could be saving some lives along the way too.

3. Selfie into the Belly of the Beast
So you see an adorable puppy or kitten, and it’s absolutely acceptable to want to take a selfie with them. But if you’re in the wild and you see a rabid animal or a seemingly calm animal from afar, don’t be stupid enough to let your guard down and attempt to take selfie. You may end up documenting yourself getting mauled or attacked by some random wild animal. That’s not a cool way to die; you’ll only get a selfie that’s too saturated out of it.

4. Selfie into an Accident
One common thing you might do is take a selfie with a cute or interesting object. What you shouldn’t do is take a selfie with extremely sharp and dangerous objects like knives or guns. If you get distracted because you're busy thinking of your best angle, you might slip and accidentally slice yourself or pull the trigger on a gun by mistake. Sometimes accidental deaths happen, but at least you can prevent yourself from getting into this kind.

5. Selfie into Your Final Destination
The selfie you take could lead to a series of events that could kill you. Let’s say your phone is plugged into an outlet and you grab it to take a selfie. The slight tug leaves the charger half plugged and it sparks. Then you try to take another selfie with a glass of water, which accidentally spills on the floor and drips onto the outlet, causing a fire to start that burns down your home. And if instead of making a last ditch effort to call for help, you take a selfie of the situation instead and post it online, well, we see you’ve made some great life choices right there.