Lakawon Island: A Vacationer’s Simple Guide

Here’s everything you need to get you started on your trip to this beach paradise.

By Mathew S. Chan
March 20, 2017

About Lakawon Island

A scenery in Lakawon Island

Lakawon Island looks to be the next go-to white beach destination. With the influx of tourist congestion and infrastructure at the popular beaches of Boracay and Palawan, there is a high desire to find the next beach getaway, and this is where Lakawon Island comes in. Located in Negros Occidental, this 13-hectare private island resort is being dubbed as the “Boracay of Negros Occidental” because of its powdery white sand beach.

Lakawon Island's shore

How to Get There:

Lakawon Island is located in Negros Occidental. Flights to Bacolod from Manila are frequent and only cost around PHP 2,500.00 one way. It’s a quick one hour and 30-minute flight and sometimes can even only take 45 minutes. If you will be traveling on a budget, you can always get there via ferry. 2GO offers almost daily trips from Manila to Bacolod that takes around 27 hours at just around PHP 900.00.

Once you are in Bacolod, hop on a bus to Cadiz City for only PHP 80.00. From there, take a tricycle (PHP 20.00) to Barangay Cadiz Viejo where you’ll find boats that will take you to Lakawon Island. The fare is PHP 600.00 for a group of four. It will only take you twenty minutes to get to the resort and you will enjoy a scenic view of the stunning waters of the region while traveling. The island’s entrance fee is only PHP 100.00.


Whether you are only there for a day tour or overnight stay, Lakawon Island has a variety of accommodations that can fit your needs. For day tour, there are nipa huts and canopy tents you can rent out from PHP 600.00 (good for 6 persons) up to PHP 1,200.00 (good for 10 persons), where you can just pay an additional PHP 100.00 for every extra person.

If you want to maximize your stay they have four (4) room types you can choose from. All rooms are good for two persons and can hold up to an additional 2 more. The Junior Suites and Premiere Suite come with breakfast for two and are inclusive of terminal fee, entrance fee, and roundtrip boat ride. Rates start at PHP 2,500.00 up to PHP 6,500.00 per night.

Lakawon Island's beautiful white beach

What to Do:

Much like any other beach resort, Lakawon Island has an assortment of things you can do from chilling on the beach to trying out thrill-seeking adventures.

If you are just there for a laidback beach getaway, you can swim in the pristine blue waters and explore the white sand beach. Though the island is technically more of a sand bar due to most of the beach disappearing during high tide, the long beach will always be picture perfect and ready for Instagram worthy posts.

One of the biggest attractions at Lakawon is the Tawhai Floating Bar. It is dubbed as the largest floating bar in Asia and the first of its kind in Negros. You get a perfect view of the stunningly beautiful island where you can just soak up some sun with a nice frosty beer or cocktail in hand.

Fresh seafood is abundant all around the island and you can buy them from the fishermen in the morning so you know you have the freshest catch of the day. You can have the resort staff prepare them for you. After a nice hearty meal, you can get a massage to further your relaxation from the many massage therapists available all around the property.

There are lots of watersports you can try around the resort. You can rent out a jet ski and tour the surrounding waters. If you have kayaks or boats, you can paddle out to the open see or even island hop to Guimaras. The Guimaras Strait is right under your nose so take advantage of this by going snorkeling and seeing for yourself the lush sea life the strait has been known for.

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