A Letter to All Certified Travelers

I’m just waiting.

By Rheinalee Casupanan
February 24, 2017


Dear Traveler,

Since the very beginning, I knew you’re the type who won’t stay. You have an overwhelming need to go and walk away as if your heart beats only for that reason. And as much as I want to stop you from going, I understand that you still belong to someone else.

You have such a great vision that you know beyond what you can see. The way you choose to drop by an unfamiliar corner is fascinating. Every street sign is your friend. You love learning about places that are flooded with culture and tradition. You are never afraid to meet a stranger because you know so well that you’re just another stranger, too. For that, you made me realize that it is impossible for someone to be lost, because exploring a place for the first time only allows you to discover more about the world and yourself.

You are always hungry for every kind of adventure. Not a single day passes that you don’t crave to pack your bags and go somewhere else. People who know you often ask when your next trip will be and you never fail to give them an answer. You dare to scar yourself with every run on the road, to reach even for the most daunting mountaintop, and to embrace the roaring waves of the sea. You are the bravest person I’ve ever met, and that’s how I knew I can’t stop you from leaving.

What I admire most about you is that no matter how short or long you stay in a certain place, you always make it a point to fully appreciate and experience it. You don’t simply take pictures of everything you see so you can have something to brag about in your social media feed. Instead, you take pieces of the places you’ve been with you, and you become it; it’s like every place holds a puzzle piece that completes your soul.


I’m proud to have been a part of you. I don’t think I will ever forget the times you’ve spent here with me. You always had that thirst to wander and be found and I refuse to be the one to take that away from you. Somehow, I knew even then that you will have to leave, and that I would have no choice but to let you go.

But even though I am pleased to know that you’ve seen a lot in this life, I would have to admit that a part of me always wishes that you’d come back. I know you still have a long list of places you need to check off your bucket list, but if ever you miss being here, know that you’ll always be welcome to come see me.

Until we meet again,
The Places You’ve Left Behind