Manila-city Travel Guide

Manila City Travel Guide

Explore Manila City with ease, courtesy of our guides, tips, and recommendations.

5 scary places in the philippines

It’s that time of the year again when there is an abundance of creepy crawlies ready to scare you. From decorations to costumes, Halloween is all about make-believe, playing... Read More

5 spas perfect for you and your bff

You and your bestie are just two peas in a pod. You share everything with each other, from clothes and makeup to even gossip. When one of you needs the... Read More

top 5 yacht clubs in the philippines

Admit it. When you’re painstakingly commuting to work and you’re stuck in the EDSA traffic or the sardine can that is the MRT, you start to daydream what it would... Read More

get your dose of modern art and culture at mcad manila

If you’ve seen all there is to see in National Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and San Agustin Museum, where do you go next? Veer away from the touristy... Read More

manila chinese cemetery: inside the ‘beverly hills of the dead’

Halloween is coming soon and thrill-seekers are sure to roam creepy places like churches and cemeteries in search for ghostly encounters that will make for spooky campfire stories. However, one... Read More

cozy cafe series: cafe travel

With homey interiors and nooks perfect for cozying up, Café Travel is one of the best places for a hot cup of coffee to beat a rainy day away. Filipinos... Read More

uaap series (part 2): favorite restaurants near ust, feu, ue, and nu

After dropping by our top choices of restaurants in the Diliman, Katipunan, and Taft areas, the list continues to enumerate our favorite dining spots near University Belt this time, where... Read More

5 things to do in manila for less than php 1,000.00

After spending as much as 40 hours a week at the office, we usually reserve the weekend to do recreational activities that keep our sanities intact. But with the cost... Read More

memoirs of manila: a photo diary

A walk around the streets of the city of Manila turned out to be a walk down memory lane for me. From the walled city of Intramuros to the once-busy... Read More

history 101: how the philippines became a safe harbor for refugees

In times of war and crisis, people flee their countries and escape to others, seeking asylum or becoming refugees to start a new life. You’d think the Philippines would be... Read More

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