Restaurants in Manila-city

Restaurants in Manila City

Your guide to the most amazing food spots in Manila-city

cozy cafe series: cafe travel

With homey interiors and nooks perfect for cozying up, Café Travel is one of the best places for a hot cup of coffee to beat a rainy day away. Filipinos... Read More

uaap series (part 2): favorite restaurants near ust, feu, ue, and nu

After dropping by our top choices of restaurants in the Diliman, Katipunan, and Taft areas, the list continues to enumerate our favorite dining spots near University Belt this time, where... Read More

where to eat and stay for chinese new year

Looking for a place to eat and stay for Chinese New Year? Why not visit Binondo? Taste the delicious flavors of China and mingle with the locals in celebration of... Read More

5 metro manila restaurants worth trying

Want to try some tender grilled ribs? Or perhaps a seafood feast is more your style? Your favorite staycation hotel could also be serving some of the best food in... Read More

8 hotel breakfasts you can enjoy in manila

Breakfast has to be everyone’s favorite meal, be it the first meal of the day or a good morning meal after a night of heavy partying.Experts say skipping breakfast... Read More

manila bay dinner cruise

The concept of the Manila Bay dinner cruise has been around for some time. It was pioneered by Prestige Cruises, a sister company of Barbara’s Food and Catering Service Co.... Read More

los ambos mundos and wah sun panciteria

Los Ambos Mundos While there are plenty of restaurants offering Filipino cuisine around the metro, the one that stands out for me is Ambos Mundos. What makes it unique is... Read More

when in binondo, wok this way

It began and ended in a lumpia house. Actually, it really began at the entrance of the Minor Basilica of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, otherwise known as the Binondo Church where,... Read More