Manjuyod Sandbar: The ‘Maldives of the Philippines’

See the world-class beauty of this quiet island in Negros Oriental.

By Rhea J. Bernardino
November 04, 2016

With 7,107 islands, the Philippines is full of incredible natural wonders, and some of them have yet to be in the limelight. For instance, when travelers think of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete City instantly comes to mind. But this province has so much more to offer, like the so-called "Maldives of the Philippines."

A photo of Manjuyod Sandbar may easily be mistaken as a spot in Maldives because of its pristine waters, white sandbar, and wooden cottages with bamboo stilts. Although it is situated in the quiet town of Manjuyod, the island is usually mistaken as part of Bais City since it is the usual jumping-off point for boat tours to the sandbar. Manjuyod Island is also a popular side trip for dolphin-watching in Bais City.

There are lots to do in Manjuyod Island: aside from taking gorgeous photos of the amazing surroundings, you are free to go swimming and snorkeling. With its clear waters, it would be easy to spot the various fishes and other sea creatures that make up its marine life. The cottages are available for day trips and overnight stays, but it's best to contact Manjuyod's Tourism Office if you want to book one for your visit. You can reach them through these contact numbers: 09194882950 or 09222776615.

How to get there
Book a flight to Dumaguete City's Sibulan Airport. Air travel will last approximately one hour. From Dumaguete City, take a bus to Bais City, the jumping-off point for boat trips to Manjuyod Sandbar. Boat rentals range from PHP 2,500.00 to PHP 5,000.00, depending on the size of the boat. Alternatively, you can also travel to Manjuyod town from Dumaguete. There are also available boats there that can take you the island.