All-areas-in-masbate Travel Guide

All Areas in Masbate Travel Guide

Explore All Areas in Masbate with ease, courtesy of our guides, tips, and recommendations.

9 reasons why you need to see masbate

I’ll be honest—I don’t know that much about Masbate before I went there. But after seven days of immersing myself in the beauty of this quiet province, I asked myself,... Read More

watch: wow tapes’ travel videos—from masbate and beyond

It all started with one unassuming post in social media about this video made by a group from Italy about their backpacking journey around the Philippines, which was shot in... Read More

10 rustic resorts

It’s not easy to find time to escape and take a break. We bring our gadgets with us everywhere we go, even while we’re on vacation. But even when surrounded... Read More