Mindoro Travel Guide

Mindoro Travel Guide

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top 5 yacht clubs in the philippines

Admit it. When you’re painstakingly commuting to work and you’re stuck in the EDSA traffic or the sardine can that is the MRT, you start to daydream what it would... Read More

top 3 floating bars in the philippines for some cocktails on the sea

Most luxurious pools in high-class resorts have swim-up bars, but did you know that some beaches and islands have bars that float on the sea? If you want to know... Read More

juanderlust: puerto galera and malasimbo festival

The 80-day journey is over, and our Chosen Juan has been all over the Philippines—traversing mountains, diving deep into the seas, and even soaring its skies. Dave Agbayani has seen... Read More

watch: apo reef natural park

The Apo Reef Natural Park is located in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. It is the world’s second-largest contiguous coral reef system. It’s a stunning site to behold, and if you are... Read More

6 things you missed at malasimbo festival 2016

The Malasimbo Festival is a ground for traditional and contemporary arts and culture highlighted by musical performances. It aims to promote environmental preservation and sustainability. It is called Malasimbo because... Read More

the 3 treasures of apo reef natural park

“Treasure Island”—now that would be the perfect nickname for Apo Reef Natural Park. After the long but enjoyable boat ride (you will see a couple of dolphins and dozens of... Read More

start your summer with the malasimbo lights and dance festival!

If you think the Malasimbo magic is over, you are surely wrong. The Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival, the 2nd leg of this huge festival, will take place from March... Read More

3 beaches to check out in puerto galera

Puerto Galera is home to arguably the most pristine white sand beaches along the shores of Oriental Mindoro. Welcoming tourists—international and local alike—these beaches have a lot more to offer... Read More

watch: the longest island-to-island zipline in the world

Looking for your next daring and bold travel adventure? Head to Sablayan in Mindoro Occidental and try the Sablayan Zipline. It is supposedly the longest island to island zipline in... Read More

4 awesome things you must see in malasimbo

The Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival has been home to eccentric music and art that showcase not only Filipino culture but how both crafts have evolved all around the world.... Read More

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